Sorry to go all serious but this is VERY important.
Here is an opertunity to add your voice to a very worthy cause.
Follow this link to find out more & sign the petition.


We need to persuade
politicians from all the political parties to commit to reform of our
unjust libel laws.

"To Index on Censorship and English PEN it
has become increasingly clear that English libel law and the use of
‘super-injunctions’ are having a profoundly negative impact on freedom
of expression, both in the UK and abroad. Writers such as Simon Singh,
and the respected current affairs programme Newsnight, have found themselves
facing defamation suits, whilst human rights campaigners are often
forced to edit and retract articles in the face of potential libel

Jonathan Heawood, Director
of English PEN

"Our libel laws allow people accused of
funding terrorism or dumping toxic waste in Africa to silence their
critics whilst ‘super-injunctions’ stop the public from even knowing
that such allegations exist. We need to reform our libel laws now, and
that’s why we’re launching a national campaign to persuade our
politicians to do so."

John Kampfner, the CEO of Index on Censorship
we don’t act we’re at risk of becoming a global pariah. There are US
States who view English libel law as so damaging to free speech they
have passed laws to effectively block the decisions of English judges.
Our report is an important milestone in modernising our antiquated and
chilling approach to free expression."

Tracey Brown, Managing Director of Sense
About Science

"Libel laws are not just a Fleet Street
issue. We have heard from scientists, campaigners, writers, academics
and patients that their discussions and publications are being shut down
by the threat of libel action. Critical and open debates are vital in
medicine and the public are badly missing out without them."

Stand up & be counted !


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Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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