Just when you think things are going well & you might get a happy ending, wallop !
In Aaron’s case literally. He was being nice to people, he was smiling, he was relaxed, he was well on his way to accepting the idea that he could be happy but this is a soap & that sort of thing is not allowed.
Then last night Jackson comes to the Woolpack to see Aaron, who is as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof thinking that everyone will guess his secret and when Jackson quite innocently touches his hand, Aaron flies off the handle and, as usual, lashes out.
Nobody would have noticed if he hadn’t drawn attention to it, he really is his own worst enemy.
Jackson is obviously not as forgiving as the saintly Paddy because he had Aaron arrested for assaulting him & of course if it goes to court
the whole town will find out what’s been going on .

There are times when I really wish I could reach into the screen & slap Aaron.
He doesn’t realise how lucky he is, there are so many lads in his position who genuinely have no where to go & no one to turn to. They don’t have a Paddy who is willing to love them un-conditionally or a family most of whom would, given the chance, be perfectly okay with his sexuality. He does, and if he wasn’t so wrapped up in his own self-loathing he might be able to see that.

Time for a quiet lie down in a darkened room I think.

"It’s only a soap.
It’s only a

It’s only a

It’s only a

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