The locum vet,
Rhona Goskirk played by Zoe Henry has returned to Emmerdale.
I think that there is a sweet little romance blossoming between her & Paddy.  
She has in the past had a bit of a romance with Marlon Dingle & he clearly has high hopes of rekindling that, but I think her & Paddy are flirting up a storm with each other.
You go Paddy you deserve some respite from Aaron’s shit for a while.

Talking of Aaron he had a bit of an anxiety attack last night & Chas had to watch helpless as Paddy calmed him down. I think she is beginning to realise that he is a better parent then she can hope to be. Although last night she elicited a small smile from Aaron who is slowly getting back to his normal sulky sarcastic self.


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