Everyone is trying to get Aaron to tell the magistrates when he goes to court that he is gay to stop them labeling his attack on Jackson a hate crime.
First Chas tried, to no avail. He said not only was he not going to say anything but he didn’t even want her to come to court.
Then Paddy had a go & he got more or less the same answer.
So Paddy & Chas decided to try a pincer movement, on his possible last night of freedom, all have a meal together & both have a go at him at the same time.
Have they both forgotten what happens to Aaron when he’s backed into a corner ? He has a tendency to come out fighting !

When they confronted him together & reminded him that he could do 6 months for a hate crime, he told
them that he would rather do ten years than admit that he was gay in open court !
He seems to be of the opinion that he can handle prison but he doesn’t realise that in there there is nowhere to hide & his decision to ‘not give in’ to his sexuality may be taken out of his hands, no pun intended !
Paddy pointed out that even if Aaron could handle it, maybe they couldn’t. Aaron told them not to try & guilt trip him & then he stormed off to his room where he slammed the door & stood with his head in his hands.
After overhearing Paddy talking to Marlon the night before about how worried he was & how he felt like he’d let Aaron down, Aaron may be starting to think a little hadrer about his options.

Oooh I can’t wait for tonights double bill in the courtroom ! Will he or wont he ?


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  1. Barry says:

    Emmerdale doing a decent job of bringing true every day probs 2 the 4 more power to their elbow

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