Last night was Aarons big day in court (my, don’t court dates come around quickly in soapland) & he started the day by saying goodbye to everyone he cares about, surprisingly including his mum. So, feeling optimistic then !
Paddy told him it still wasn’t too late to save himself, but he still wasn’t having any of it.
Just before he got in the taxi to go, because he had told everyone to stay away from the court, Paddy hugged him & said
"Tell the truth, it may be difficult but it wont kill you." That is the best line of the whole story so far !

The burning question was, would he tell the court the real reason why he hit Jackson or will let them think he is an homophobic thug, who goes around beating up just because they are gay ?


In the court he seemed quite pleased that, despite telling them to stay away, his family & friends still turned up to support him. Even Jackson was there !
When the clerk of the court asked him how he was going to plead he couldn’t really say anything but "Guilty.".
Then when the magistrate started to sum up he interupted her & she told him to speak up if he had anything to say in his defence.
Everyone was on tenter hooks, including me, and Aaron was crying as he explained that he didn’t
‘target’ Jackson for being homosexual as the prossucution had alleged. That jackson had come
to see him because he thought the two of them were mates but in front of
Aaron’s friend & family, Aaron freaked out & hit him to shut him up, for which he was very sorry, but he did not hit him
because of what he is.
Aaron said that he didn’t hit out because
Jackson was gay, it was because HE was gay. He finally said the words

"I am gay." in open court then a heavenly chorus of angels descended from the sky & sang "Halleluliah !". Okay the angels may just have been in my head !

The magistrate took pity on the crazy mixed up kid & commenting that his statement took a lot of guts she sentenced him to 150 hours community service.
Jackson left the courtroom as soon as Aaron said he was sorry. I think that may have been all he had come for.


After the sentencing everyone went back to Paddy’s to celebrate but Aaron couldn’t face them & went for a walk with Adam instead.
After a bit of joking around Aaron confessed that he didn’t feel any better about himself & was worried about what other people would think of him & how they would treat him. Adam told him to get over it, a little too harshly I thought, & although it would be big news for a while that would blow over. Aaron asked him
"What if I have just made the biggest mistake of my life ?" Adam patted him on the shoulder and they walked off across the field into the sunset but just as mates. 

*Sidebar* Do you recognise the actor playing Aarons solicitor ? His name is Scott Neal & he played ‘Luke Aston’, the gay copper in ‘The Bill’. He also starred in the film ‘Beautiful Thing’ playing a confused gay teenager called Ste Pearce – small world aint it ?


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