Wow it has been three years & I still think it is the best story line a soap has ever had !
Although Aaron’s is giving them a run for their money !
McDean Day, for those who don’t know, is the anniversary of the day when the two year long McDean love story in Hollyoaks on Channel 4 came to a spectacular head.

The McDean storyline was about the love between two teenage boys, gay John-Paul McQueen and, up until then, straight Craig Dean. They started out as friends, very good friends, but then John-Paul declared his love for Craig and it changed their relationship. When John-Paul was forced to come out as gay Craig was less than supportive and it looked like their friendship was over but Craig’s girlfriend, Sarah, helped to get them back on speaking terms at least. However when John-Paul got a boyfriend, Craig was not pleased. He claimed that it was simply because he disliked Spike as a person but there was something else behind his increasingly hostile behaviour.
On the 16th of May 2007 Craig, unable to stop thinking about John-Paul & Spike, stormed out of his exam and went to see John-Paul. Clearly aggitated and upset he began to quiz John-Paul about his relationship with Spike. When John-Paul accused him of being jealous Craig could not hold back any longer and admitted that he did have feelings for his friend, feelings that he didn’t fully understand, and John-Paul admitted that he still loved Craig.
Craig hesitantly kissed his friend and told him that he couldn’t stop thinking about him. Still kissing they stumbled upstairs into John-Paul’s bedroom and when he asked Craig if he was sure, Craig nodded and kissed him again.
Afterwards, as they lay side by side in bed, John-Paul was so happy that Craig felt the same as he did but Craig, who was now ashamed of what they had done, called him a faggot and stormed out leaving John-Paul more confused and frustrated than ever.
So begins a fantastically exciting, passionate, complex love story that sees Craig, John-Paul & Sarah’s lives changed forever.

Why am I so obsessed with this soap story ?
Simply because it was the best story I have ever seen in a soap, well written, well paced, well filmed & well acted by Guy Burnet (Craig) and James Sutton (John-Paul). If you haven’t seen any of it you are missing a great piece of entertainment !

If you haven’t seen it & want to know how the story ends you can watch
the whole thing from start to finish here, at McDean On Demand

Here is a beautiful tribute video made by one of McDean’s biggest fans


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    Happy that ur happy

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