On Monday night’s Emmerdale Paddy walked Aaron to work. It was his first time back after the court case & he was clearly worried about how Ryan & Cain would treat him now that they knew he was gay but Ryan shook his hand, hugged him & Cain made a cheeky remark about it. Leaving him in no doubt that nothing had really changed.

After Adam had, jokingly, told his sister Holly that going out with her had turned Aaron gay, she came to the garage to see him, he tried to hide but Ryan & Cain wouldn’t let him so he had to speak to her. He was embarrassed & a little nervous about what she would say to him but she was really nice & told him that if he ever wanted someone to talk to he could call her any time. Then she gave him a big hug. Maybe she is not as self-obsessed as I though, I may even have to stop hating her !


After she had gone Cain joked that if all you had to do to get girls to be all over you was come out, then maybe he should give being gay a go. Aaron told him that it wasn’t funny but he was smiling when he said it. It is nice to see him smiling again.


On Tuesday night’s Emmerdale Aaron encountered the ever tactless Viv in the cafe when he & Ryan went in for their dinner. You would have thought after Paddy having a go at her yesterday for stereotypical assumtions she might have learnt her lesson but no, last night she stuck her big foot in it with Aaron himself telling him that she now understood why he was such an angry young man. He  was all ready to have a go at her but Victoria came to his aid.
After Ryan had left Aaron & Victoria had a nice little heart to heart, she too wanted reassurance that she was not the cause of Aaron’s gayness, of course he told her that it was nonsense & when she asked him if it felt strange now that everybody else knew he said
"No, it just feels like me." and smiled, again.

Smiling twice in two days ! He seems to have finally achieved a little well deserved happiness in his life.
So pain, misery, humiliation & heartache must be heading his way then – this is soapland after all !


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