Last night it was the TV Now awards in Ireland & because it’s shown over there, Emmerdale was up for a few awards. It seems that the cast had a little trouble getting there. Here are some photies from their long wait at the airport. It’s a little hard to recognise who’s who when they’re in mufti isn’t it ?


Danny Miller was up for Favourite Male Soap Star & his fans had high hopes that we might make up for the travesty of the BSA. Unfortunately he lost out to Tony Tormey. As I don’t get to see Irish telly I couldn’t really comment on their choice but I am disappointed.

Don’t see why Corrie won best soap, the Kevin/Molly/Tyrone story turned my stomach ! The Dingles won Favourite Soap Family which is something.

Best Soap: Coronation

Favourite Male Soap Star: Tony
Tormey/Paul Brennan [Fair City]

Favourite Female Soap
: Katherine Kelly/Becky McDonald [Coronation Street]

Favourite Soap Family: The
Dingles [Emmerdale]

Danny meeting His Irish fans.
                           Danny being interviewed by Siobhan. 


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One Response to HERE WE GO AGAIN.

  1. Barry says:

    Did they win owt or nowt ? HOpe they did good story-lines dont all us win tho

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