Aaron started his Community Payback last night, cleaning grafitti off a fence. He also met a neanderthal moron called Wayne who is clearly going to be a thorn in his side.


Later he was press-ganged into having a family tea at the Dingle residence. He didn’t want to go as he was afraid of being the center of attention but they were too busy reassuring Gennie over her part in the Viv/Bob split.
When Paddy pointed out that he shouldn’t have been worried, Lisa (his great-aunt I think) told him that after being so brave in court he should be able to face them. Shadrack chimed in with

"Ah it’ll be a doddle. Hey next time I’m in the dock I’ll
tell them I’m a nancy an all.”

Aaron came back with a startled
“You what ?”
Chas just let out an exasperated
“Dad !”
To which Shadrack continued
“Well I was just saying all those judges are public
school boys that’s how he got away so light.
It’s a pity Andy Devine’s not in it very often, due to ill health, because Shadrack is comedy gold !


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