Last night on Emmerdale Aaron was not a happy bunny after Jackson’s rejection the night before.
He answered Cain back when he got told off for being late, which is taking your life in your hands.
He snapped at Ryan when he asked how Aaron’s night on the town went.
He insulted his aunty Gennie when she asked if she could come with him next time he went out.
He wasn’t very pleasant
when Adam tried to console him & told Adam that Jackson didn’t like him anymore & having a ‘girly conversation’ with Adam was the last thing he wanted.  

He cheered up a bit when Cain & Ryan stuck a beefcake calander up in the garage. He protested that it wasn’t funny & made out that he didn’t like it but I noticed that he had a good look through it !
Unbeknown to Aaron, while Adam was passing by the house next to the garage he met
Declan, it’s new owner & on finding out that Declan needed a builder he recommended Jackson for the job, obviously thinking that this would give Aaron another opportunity to see him.
Later when they met in the pub, before Adam could say anything, Aaron told him that he was over Jackson & that they were better off staying away from each other.
Oops !
Sparks are going to fly next week – he he he !


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Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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