Tuesday night in Emmerdale, Jackson
turned up at Declan’s new house to give him a quote for the building work. When
Jackson asked
how Declan had found his phone number & he was told that Adam
had recommended him, he was non too pleased.


at the garage Aaron was laughing & joking
with Ryan about moving in with him & Andy because he liked the idea of
sharing with two lads. He really is becoming more relaxed about his sexuality
& seeing Aaron smile is always a treat.


soon as he was finished with Declan, Jackson
scooted nextdoor to see Aaron & have a go at him for putting Adam up to
recommending him for the job. Aaron of course knew nothing about it but Jackson didn’t believe him
& told him that there could never be
anything between them as he was now ‘with someone’. Aaron pointed out that he
had figured that out last week in the nightclub & suggested that maybe Jackson shouldn’t take the
job. Jackson
assured him that he would take the job because he needed the work.

nothing to do with wanting to spend more time in close proximity to Aaron then ?


Adam came to the garage Aaron
had a go at him for interfering in his love life. Adam
offered to tell Declan not to use Jackson
after all but Aaron told him to forget about it as he’d already done enough

nothing to do with wanting to spend more time in close proximity to Jackson then ?


Jackson was in
the pub when Aaron came in for an after work drink. Both Adam
& Paddy teased Aaron about it & he made out that he was not happy but
all night he couldn’t take his eyes off Jackson
& just before Jackson
left he stopped in the doorway to give Aaron a long lingering look.

yea they aren’t interested in each other at all – and pigs might fly !

* I’ve been trying to post
this blog entry for three days – everytime I try the fucking dial-up connection
collapses ! I had to save it in word so I didn’t lose it, which is why there are such huge gaps everywhere.


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Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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