It has taken me several months to get the hang of negotiating my way around this site (am I using the right word there ?), this computer is no help as it often refuses to do stuff, tells me it’s impossible then two second later goes ahead & does it as if nothing is wrong !

Anyway, it wasn’t easy to work out how to get from one section to another & there seemed to be several ways to do it. This account was set up for me by someone else & no one showed me how to use it or even what it was possible to do with it, I found this ‘space’ bit myself. It took me a quite a while to find out how the whole ‘friends’, ‘network’ & ‘private message’ bit works, well I almost got the hang of it. Appologies to anyone who feels that I’ve ignored them, it may not be intentional.
In fact I taught myself to use the computer which is why I don’t always use the correct terminology (my son thinks it is hilarious that I call the flashing line that shows you where you are in the text a ‘sweary thing’ – cursor – get it ? Oh suit yourself !) It has been a lot of trial & error, and some choice language !

Having just about worked out what was where & how to use it ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ are) go & fart around with it & change everything ! Worst of all they haven’t made it easier, the links at the top of the page have changed to pages I don’t want to go to & the ones I do want to go to have disappeared.  I had to go into yesyerday’s history to find this page, god alone knows where my home page is.

It was bad enough when YouTube changed around but at least I could see that they were trying to make it better, I like the viewing list – it’s very useful, but I still don’t like the new volume control.

This change seems to be there soley to push me into using ‘Messenger’, which will never happen ! Firstly I’m only sporadically on the computer & rarely at the peak times everyone else is on it. Secondly I can’t type fast enough to ‘Chat’ with anyone, honestly you would die of old age waiting for my reply ! (that last sentence took me 7 minutes !). Lastly I don’t really want to ‘chat’ with people I hardly know. I’m rubbish at small talk, I never can understand why strangers keep trying to find out my opinion of the weather. No offence to anyone reading this but we aren’t really friends are we, I don’t want to sound nasty but real friendship is based on more than a few shared interests, real friendship takes time & has to be tested by adversity to truely be called friendship.

Okay now I’ve got that off my chest & alienated the very small readership I have, I’m going to make my self a cup of coffee & wait for Emmerdale to come on. God help the TV set if Aaron isn’t in it tonight, it’s been nearly a week since his story has been featured & if I don’t get my much needed dose of somebody else’s misery I may well put my foot through the screen.

Feel free to comment good or bad, call me names, tell me I’m an idiot whatever you like, The way things are going I probably wont get back here to read them anyway !
Wow, I didn’t mean to go on that much or sound so full of myself !    Still I feel a lot better for it.     Goodnight x x


About An Elephant's Child

Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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One Response to RANT #2 or OH FOR FUCKS SAKE !

  1. Barry says:

    ***** i,m whatever u r!! Computor illigitamit or sumat 2nt spell ether!?

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