Last night in Emmerdale Cain took the feud up a notch. Not only did he fill Declan’s new skip with his own rubbish but whe confronted about it he sort of hinted that the missing new bathtub was at the bottom, under all the afore mentioned rubbish. Then to rub salt in the wounds, when they had pulled some of the crap out of the skip & couldn’t find any sign of the bath, Cain hinted that maybe Jackson had waltzed off with it.
Where is the bath ? Sitting in Cain’s livingroom waiting to be plumbed into Cain’s bathroom.
That man is a grade ‘A’ psycho !
Meanwhile, all Aaron can do is look on, as his chances of copping of with the only gay man he knows go right down the plughole !


At dinner time in the pub, good old Aunty Gennie takes it upon herself to get Aaron some advice from Nicola’s brother Paul, who has turned up for her wedding, purely on the grounds that he too is gay.
Aaron is having none of it & tells Paul that whatever she has said to him "I’m not like you." When Gennie tries to push the matter Aaron calls Paul a "mincing queen" & makes it perfectly clear that he wants nothing to do with him.
Unfortunately for him Jackson is also in the pub & hears the whole thing. Later in the cafe Jackson pulls him up on what he said & Aaron admits he was out of line but Jackson is just sarcastic with him saying,
"At least you didn’t punch him, so I supposse it is progress of sorts."
I think he may be softening towards Aaron, for god’s sake they have to get together sooner or later.


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Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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