In Tuesday night’s Emmerdale Cain’s feud with Declan carried on apace. He didn’t want to move some cars so that Jackson could get a lorry in to take away the full skip, pretending that he couldn’t find the keys. He tried to stop the new skip being delivered. All the time being rude & offensive to Jackson, like calling him ‘Twinkle-toes’, much to the embarrassment of poor Aaron, who is tying to get back in Jackson’s good books.
When no one else was looking he took delivery of Declans new bath for him, saying that the delivery men could put it in the garage, ‘just to be neighbourly’. I very much doubt Declan will ever see that again.


Later on Aaron tried to make it up to Jackson by offering to help him shift some bags of cement, when his offer was turned down he asked Jackson if they couldn’t try to get along, seeing as how they were going to be working so close by each other. Jackson told him that it would be better if they just kept out of each others way.
Aaron tried to walk away with what was left of his pride, unfortunately a very drunken Chas chose that moment to come around the corner in her bunnygirl suit (she had been to a fancydress hen party). Seeing Aaron get the knock back again she decide to comfort him with a very mumsy hug. Horrified, Aaron pushed her away & walked off with her tottering behind.
What neither of them saw was Jackson giving them one of his long lingering looks. I’ll bet he was wishing that it was him hugging Aaron !

In more than one of these scenes Danny Miller could clearly be seen barely supressing laughter at Cain’s behaviour. I’m not entirely sure that was in the script, as Aaron was suppossed to be disapproving of Cain’s antics. I think he was genuinely cracking up at what the other actor was saying.


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