Monday night in Emmerdale Cain was at it again, this time soaking Jackson’s cement with his hose (is it just me or does that sound like a euphemism ?) ruining the lot. Neither Declan nor Jackson found it very funny. Ryan & Aaron were just embarrassed but Cain though it was hilarious.


Later on outside the pub while Aaron was telling Ryan that he hadn’t made any friends at Community Payback & Cain told him that it was probably more to do with his personality disorders than being gay, Jackson walked past them on the way back to his van.
Cain had another go at him, insinuating that Jackson’s tools could be stolen if he left them in the house. Jackson just told him that
he wanted to be left out of whatever beef he has with Declan.
Aaron, pissed off at Cain stirring it with Jackson again, just got up & walked off home.     

The last shot was of Jackson watching Aaron walk away.
Oh for god’s sake, I cannot stand this much longer.
Get in there !

         Roll on Thursday !          


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Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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