Last night in Emmerdale when Aaron bumped into Jackson in the cafe, he had been having another bad day at Community Payback. After initially being a bit grumpy with Jackson he tried to tell him how bad it was getting with Wayne & his constant jibes at Aaron’s sexuality but Jackson wasn’t in the mood to be a shoulder to cry on. He basically told Aaron that he’d made his bed he would have to lie in it & then he left.
Chas came in & tried to talk to Aaron, to find out what was upsetting him so much but he said he didn’t have time for this & left without his tea.
She then sat down & had a little heart to heart with Charity who pointed out that Aaron & Jackson getting together would be a good thing & Chas should stop worrying about him.

Charity & Chas had an hilarious conversation with Sam in the pub about whether being gay runs in the family.
He pointed out that not only was Aaron gay but both Debbie & Charity had had affairs with women. Chas also admitted to having a crush on a girl in school ! When Chas asked him if he had ever had a crush on a bloke & he told her "No !",  Charity called him a weirdo !


Later on Chas followed Aaron to the garage still trying to get him to open up to her & he was just about to when Carl turned up bleating on about Edna’s accident & how it was partly his fault. Aaron made a joke about Carl beating up old ladies & when Chas asked him if he would just talk to her he looked at Carl, said he was busy & went back into the garage.

Tonight, tonight wont be just any night !


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Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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