Thursday night in Emmerdale, before Aaron went off to his Community Payback, Chas tried to talk to him again but he was just pissed off that she got in the way of his early morning ogle of Jackson.
When he got there Wayne was in predictable form trying to talk to Aaron about flowers,
"Are these pansies ?"
"Aaron knows all about pansies."
Aaron managed to ignore these pathetic jibes but when Wayne started picking on a new kid, Simon, who didn’t look like he could defend himself, Aaron jumped in and put Wayne in his place. Knowing that any kind of physical retaliation would land Aaron in prison, instead he humiliated Wayne & got all the others to laugh at him.
It was great to see the old witty Aaron back.
What he didn’t know was that when he was dropped off at the garage, Wayne got himself dropped off around the corner.

 Meanwhile in the Woolpack Maisie was trying very hard to strike up a conversation with a totally disinterested Jackson who just wanted to eat his lunch. It was a strange little interlude & I’m not really sure why it was in there.

When Ryan left the garage to go get his dinner, Wayne siezed his opportunity to have a go at Aaron. When Aaron refused to retaliate, Wayne became even more pissed off & picked up a spanner to threaten him with but Aaron stuck to his guns & refused to fight, despite obviously really, really wanting to.

Unbeknown to either of them Jackson had been watching the whole thing. Seeing that Aaron was trying, but
to keep his cool Jackson came over to see if he could help. He reminded Aaron that if he hit Wayne he’d be sent to prison, when Aaron replied that he didn’t care, Jackson pointed out that, as a first offender Jackson himself would only get a caution !
Wayne asked Aaron if this was his boyfriend, Aaron pushed him & Wayne lunged at him with the spanner but Jackson grabbed Wayne from behind & pulled him away. Wayne broke free, storming off calling them both sickos.
Aaron asked Jackson why he had come to help him when they both knew that he deserved to get his head kicked in. Jackson just said that it didn’t look like a fair fight & went back to work leaving Aaron slightly confused but very pleased.


The Sweetest Moment In The Whole Story So Far – as they are walking away from each other, Aaron with a proper big grin on his face, they both turn at exactly the same time to look & see if the other one is looking.
Aaah ! It’s like they are both thinking "He likes me. Does he like me? Yeah, he likes me !"

A little bit later Jackson is stuggling to get some planks of wood off the top of his van & Aaron helps him. Chas sees this & runs off to tell Paddy. Giving us one of the funniest exchanges:
"I’ve just seen Aaron & Jackson."
"What were they doing ?"
"Carrying some wood."
"Is that a euphemism ?"
I LOVE Paddy !

Photos used by kind permission of Danglinghearts

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