In the pub Jackson was sat on his own, staring into his glass when Aaron & Paddy came in. Aaron ordered 3 pints & took one over to Jackson to thank him for helping out with Wayne. Jackson invited Aaron to join him & Aaron, clearly pleased, agreed. Although Paddy is happy for them, Marlon is a little worried in case there is a repeat of what happened last time.
A small crowd gathers at the bar, all attempting, none to successfully, to watch the two lads without them noticing. When Chas comes in she quizzes Paddy about what is going on but he doesn’t know any more than she does. so she joins the crowd at the bar.
Aaron apologises for his friends staring but Jackson understands thay they just concerned about him. Their talk turns to Aarons suicide bid & when he asures Jackson that he would never try that again, Jackson says "Good". They talk about Aaron’s day in court & Jackson says that it was brave of Aaron to tell the truth like that. Aaron tells him that he wished he had never hit him. Jackson admits that he pushed Aaron & should not have come to the Woolpack, maybe taking things a little slower, giving Aaron more time to work things out for himself. He then said that he only did it because he liked Aaron so much !
While talking about ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ Jackson touches Aaron knee, they both jump a bit & Jackson appologises but Aaron says he doesn’t mind. Aaron admits that he is embarrassed by all the attention from the crowd at the bar so Jackson says that maybe they should call it a night. He gets up to leave & Aaron follows him out of the pub. Chas, curious about where they are going, tries to follow them but Paddy refuses to let her go, insisting that she must leave them alone.         


Outside the pub Jackson tells Aaron that some of his mates are going into town so maybe he should join them. Aaron tells him that that’s okay with him but Jackson says that he would rather stay with Aaron, if that is what he wants. Aaron is surprised & pleased by this but cannot help looking around to see who is watching. Seeing this Jackson thinks he has misread Aaron & starts to go thinking that Aaron is not interested but Aaron calls him back, inviting him in for a beer and saying in a plaintive voice that he doesn’t want him to go.
They head off for Paddy’s house together.

When they get inside Aaron switches on the radio (Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol – perfect choice !) & goes into the kitchen to get them a couple of beers, Jackson sits on the settee. They are both clearly very nervous.
When Aaron brings back the beers & sits down next to Jackson, Jackson tells him
"We don’t have to do this. We don’t have to do anything."
As they both lean towards each other, Aaron puts his arm around Jackson, pulling him gently towards him and hesitantly kisses him. Aaron then smiles and says
"I don’t do anything I don’t want to do !"

Photos used by kind permission of Danglinghearts

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