Last night on Emmerdale it was the morning after Aaron & Jackson’s big snog. Jackson obviously enjoyed it because he stayed the night !
Cue some gratuitous early morning bed scenes with plenty of manly chest !                         


Downstairs Paddy is unaware of Aaron’s guest & before Aaron can explain, Paddy tries to console him about last night not going well. Jackson offered to sneak out but Aaron was, given his recent history, surprisingly unashamed of having Jackson there. Our boy is growing up !
Paddy is a little shocked to see Jackson there & Aaron appologises for not asking Paddy if it was okay before inviting him to stay.   


Later outside the garage Paddy has a word with Aaron & tells him that it’s okay with him if Aaron has ‘mates’ stay over, as long as he lets Paddy know. When Aaron points out that Jackson is a bit more than a ‘mate’ Paddy explains that he didn’t want to say boyfriend but Aaron again is surprisingly cool with calling Jackson his boyfriend.


Chas turned up at the garage to see how things went the night before & when Aaron tells her that he thinks he & Jackson are in a proper relationship because he stayed the night, she is surprised but pleased. She seemed to want to hear more but Aaron was in no mood to chat & got on with his work.
Chas went straight next door to warn Jackson to be careful with her boy because he is not as tough as he likes to make out. Jackson reasures her that he is a nice bloke when you get to know him.
When Jackson tells Aaron what she said, he is livid with her for interfearing. When she comes into the pub at dinner time Aaron has a go at her for treating him like a twelve year old but Paddy intervenes before it can escalate into a full-blown row, pointing out that Chas is just trying to look out for him & it would be better to let it lie right now.


After work Aaron & Jackson walk down to the pub and Aaron asks him why they are handling this development so much better than everyone else. Jackson asks him if he’s still scared & Aaron says he’s not sure so Jackson says that next time Aaron should stay over at his. Aaron tells him that he’ll think about it.


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