Last night in Emmerdale there wasn’t much Aaron & Jackson, it’s Cain & the Wylde family’s chance for some limelight at the moment.

They had one scene of friendly banter outside Declan’s new house. Aaron asked Jackson if he could come to the pub for just half an hour at dinertime. Jackson told him that he was so busy he couldn’t spare ten minutes & he’d bought a butty for his diner & Aaron called him a big girl. Jackson said that a few quiet moments on his own or Aarons sparkling wit was a tough choice. Aaron told him he was a cheeky git & Jackson replied that he was tempting him again ! As Aaron walked away he jokingly told Jackson to get lost & Jackson told him that he would be thinking of him.
All the time they were talking Aaron was playing with a spanner in a slightly provocative way !

Later they were sitting on the steps having a cup of tea & a chat when Shadrach, having been more or less thrown out by Chas on Carl’s orders, walked past & asked them if they wanted to come for a drink after work. Aaron was not interested & when Shadrach tried to appologise for his previous behaviour Aaron told him that didn’t care what Shadrach thought about him & would be happy if he never saw the old man again. Jackson told Aaron off for being so rude to his granddad & Aaron just shut up !
Now we know who wears the pants in their relationship !

Shadrach stumbled off & got run over by Marlon. The episode finished with Shadrach in the hospital & the family gathering. Me thinks that Aaron is going to regret being so mean to him.


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