Last night in Emmerdale Adam asked Aaron to keep an eye on Holly on her night out with him & Jackson. No I have no idea why Aaron is taking his ex-girlfriend on his date with his new boyfriend, sounds kinky to me ! Anyway Adam lied to Aaron about why Holly needs looking after, so Aaron didn’t know she was a recovering junkie. After Adam had gone Aaron invited Jackson to stay the night again after their night on the tiles & he accepted.

At the night club Holly & her so called friend, who is actually her drug dealer, Roz soon bogged off & leave Aaron & Jackson alone together. There was some funny banter & a strategic mention of Jackson’s mum (plot developement alert !) but still no touchy-feely kissy-kissy, which I’m reliably informed is what the fans want. Not me of course, no way, no how ! Well maybe, a little bit.

Meanwhile Roz & Holly chat up some poor helpless sap who thinks that he’s on a promise but really Holly just wants some coke off him. Once she gets some they ditch him & head to the loos to ‘powder their noses’.

Next thing Roz is begging Aaron & Jackson to come & help Holly because she is freaking out in the ladies, thinking that she can’t breathe because her heart is beating too fast. Jackson is reluctant to help but Super-Aaron just dives in.

Aaron & Jackson barge into the ladies & when Roz can get no answer from Holly, who has locked herself in one of the cubicles, Aaron kicks the door in. He is horrified by the sight of Holly clearly totally off her face. He calls her a silly cow & decides to take her back to Paddy’s so that her family don’t find out what she has done.

Back at Paddy’s Holly is still shaking & crying, she begs Aaron not to tell Paddy about any of this & he tells her to be quiet so that he wont find out. Jackson decides not to stay the night after all as Aaron will have his hands full looking after Holly.

So poor Aaron is going to be up all night getting no sleep & not in a good way !           


About An Elephant's Child

Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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