On Thursday night in Emmerdale, Paddy got another nasty shock when he found that Holly had spent the night with Aaron ! I’m sure he was a perfect gentleman & let her have the bed while he slept on the floor.
They both lied to Paddy & said that Holly stayed the night because she had had too much to drink, although you could tell that Aaron was not happy about it. Paddy was not happy either when Holly asked him not to tell her dad that she stayed there. He didn’t want to lie to his friend but Holly begged him to just not say anything & he reluctantly agreed.

Later in the pub Adam asked Aaron about Holly & Aaron lied for her. He wasn’t happy & when Adam left & Holly came over Aaron told her how unhappy he was pointing out that Adam was his best mate. He also told Holly how pathetic she had looked huddled in the cubicle & that he thought she was smarter than that. She told him that she was never going to do that again. He told her she would have to be stupid to get into that state again. Something tells me she is exactly that stupid !                                          

The second half of the show took place the next day, bloody football messing up my soaps !
In the morning Aaron bumped into Alan Turner in the cafe & Mr Turner asked him if it was okay for him to bring his motorbike around to the garage. Him & Aaron obviously had made some sort of deal for Aaron to help him work on the bike for free but I don’t remember it ever being mentioned before, in fact I don’t remember Aaron & Mr Turner ever speaking to each other. Aaron told him that as it was his day for college, Mr Turner would have to ask Cain if it was alright.
I thought Aaron was booted out of college for fighting back in March.


In the pub Chas tried to ask Jackson about Aaron but all she got was "Ask him." So she invited the pair of them around for their dinner that night. Jackson told her that as they weren’t doing anything else he couldn’t make any promises but he’d do his best to get Aaron there.

Aaron spent the afternoon at the garage. Mr Turner did a deal with Cain that Aaron can work
on the bike in his spare time,
Mr Turner would make a contribution towards using the garage’s tools & pay for any spare parts needed. Mr Turner & Aaron shook hands on the deal on condition that when the bike is finished Aaron would get first go on it.
Jackson came over & told Aaron that they couldn’t go to the pub as they were booked up tonight but he didn’t tell him where they were going. He promised Aaron that he would love it ! Oh no he wont ! Aaron is not going to like this one little bit.

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