Friday night in Emmerdale was a continuation of the second half of the night before’s episode. Damn you bloody football !
Jackson finally told Aaron that they were going to Chas & Carl’s for their dinner. Aaron was not pleased & tried to think up some excuses for why they shouldn’t go, but Jackson countered them all. Jackson asked Aaron if he could stay the night & said he would make it up to him.
Oh it’s suddenly very warm in here ! *blushes*                               


The meal Chas plonked in front of them was straight out of a copy of the Beano. Bangers & mash with the sausages sticking up out of the mashed potato ! The only thing missing was the wiggley lines !
The conversation wasn’t any better than the food. Aaron wasn’t happy to be there & Carl wasn’t happy to have him there, although Carl seemed to like Jackson.
Here is one of my favourite exchanges of the evening:
Chas – "So ?"
Aaron – "So what ?"
Chas – "How’s college ?"
Aaron – "Boring."

Chas – "How’s it going with you two ?"
Aaron – "It’s boring."
Jackson – "Thanks for that."
Aaron – "Well what do you want me to tell ’em, how many times we’ve done it ?"
Carl – " Yeah why not ? And for pudding I’ll let you know what me & your mum got up to last night."

The whole evening ended with Aaron trying to pick a fight with Carl, despite Jackson trying to keep the peace. Carl stomped off to the pub where, coincidence of coincidences, he bumped into the slapper known as Eve. If he does what I think he is going to do, Chas will eviscerate him !


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