AARON & ADAM INTERFERE – should have been posted on 17/7/2010


Last night in Emmerdale Aaron & Adam where trying to work out how to deal with Holly. Adam was adamant that he wasn’t going to grass her up to his parents so Aaron suggested that they talk to her ‘friend’ Roz.

They phoned Roz to come over to Adam’s but she was pissed off to find that Holly wasn’t even there & basically told them that there was nothing wrong with Holly & she would let them no if things went to far. TOO FAR – she’s already stealing to feed her addiction. How far does she want things to go ?
She flounced off leaving the two lads no better off than before.                                                      


After work Aaron went to see Jackson who asked him what he had been doing with Adam earlier. Aaron told him what they’d done & asked Jackson if he was jealous. Jackson said, sarcastically (I think it was sarcastically)
"Yes, he’s a very good looking bloke." to which Aaron, pulling a face of disgust, replied with
"Eeeww !"
He didn’t feel like that back in December when he tried to snog Adam after the car crash.
My how he has changed !

Later in the pub Holly had a go at Aaron & Adam for interfering. Aaron told her that she was better off without Roz & she told him to get lost. On her own with Adam she told him that she needed him to trust her & she needed her mates. He told her that he would start trusting her when she could prove she deserved it. She stomped off again.

The photo above is of Jackson telling Rhona that her radiator is fixed – if it looks like anything else to you then it’s just your dirty mind !


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