HOLLY GOES TOO FAR. – should have been posted on 15/7/2010

Last night in Emmerdale Marlon was trying to drum up interest in his barbecue party but Adele had just moved in with Katie & Gennie & they decided to throw a sort of house warming party for her. Not only did all the young people of the village turn up quite a few kids that I’ve never seen before where there !
Before the party, in the pub Scarlett left her bag unattended & Holly took the opportunity to steal her purse !
At the party Aaron became a bit suspicious when Holly had a wad of money & Scarlett couldn’t find her purse. Even more so when Roz turned up at the party.

Out in the garden Marlon had set up his barbecue seeing as no one was coming to his party & when Adam went out there to get his tenth burger of the night Aaron followed him.
From the garden he saw Holly & Roz leaving out of the back gate & Holly casually throwing away Scarlett’s purse in the bushes having already pocketed the money. She did not realise that Aaron had seen her. When Aaron caught up with them he asked them where they were off to, Holly said they were planing to go to town but when he picked up the purse from the bushes Roz got into her car & scarpered.

Aaron got the money back of Holly & was just starting to have a go at her for stealing the purse when Adam came out & realised that Holly had taken his girlfriend’s money to buy drugs. Aaron let slip that this was not the first time Holly had lied to him. The whole truth about Holly being off her face at the night club & spending the night at Aaron’s came out. Adam was not pleased, blamed Aaron for lying to him & stormed off.

Aaron left Holly standing on her own crying & feeling sorry for herself.

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Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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