SOME PEOPLE NEVER LEARN. -should have been posted 14/7/2010


Last night in Emmerdale outside the pub Aaron quizzed Holly about her drug taking & she told him that she didn’t have the time or the money for drugs. Afterwards she got a phone call from Roz asking if she was coming out tonight when Holly told her that she couldn’t because she was skint, Roz turned up in the village.


Later outside the pub Aaron caught Roz giving Holly some coke on tick. He asked her what was going on & she lied to him again but this time he knew she was lying & pulled her up on it. She called him a hypocrite & said that he must have done a line or two sometimes. He told her that he had never done coke because he wasn’t that daft.


Inside the pub Holly was left in charge while Diane nipped to the shop for some milk. Holly came close to dipping into the till but Aaron was looking at her. Jackson asked Aaron why he was staring at the barmaid so Aaron told him what Holly had just done. Jackson asked Aaron what experiance he had with drugs & although evasive at first, Aaron eventually admited that he did do a little bit of drug dealing when he was a kid.
Jackson was not very shocked by this revelation, in fact he seemed to be a little disappointed. Oh dear is your bad boy not as bad as you thought ?
When Adam
turned up,
Jackson suggested to Aaron that Adam should be told what Holly was up to but Aaron saw that as grassing up a mate & refused to do to Holly what Paddy did to him.

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Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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