TAKING HIS FIREPLACE FOR A WALK ! – should have been posted 23/7/2010.


Last night in Emmerdale Jackson took a break from doing up Declan’s house & not touching Aaron, to take his fireplace for a walk ! Okay he wasn’t really taking it for a walk he was trying to put it in the back of his van & ‘walking’ it is the easiest way to move a very heavy iron fireplace !
Charity & Chastity were walking past & offered to help, Jackson said
"I can’t ask my mother-in-law to lift things." That is the reason for her disgusted expression in the photo above. Chas got her own back by reminding Carity that she was a grandma !
Charity pointed out that it wouldn’t fit in his van but hers was half empty & for a bit of cash-in-hand she’d take it for him. He told her that he would have to ask Declan & she said that they’d be waiting in the cafe.


Later in the cafe Jackson turned up with some directions & £60, which she would get went se’d done the job. He obviously knows what she’s like !
Jackson has quite an easy going, witty relationship with some of Aaron’s family which is very entertaining. He is quite a cheeky little sod as well.


After work in the pub  Nicola, who is along with Jimmy taking over the Woolpack, caught Jackson with his feet on the seats. She asked the classic silly question
"Do you do that at home ?" to which Jackson retorted
"No matter what I’m gonna say, you’re going to say ‘Don’t do that ‘ere !’ So I’m not gonna answer. It’s a secret !"
Jimmy & Jai were very impressed with how he shut her up & asked for some advice, he had to remind them that it wasn’t really his area of expertise.
He is fitting in really well, far better than Aaron fits in & he’s been there for years !                                            

In the background as Nicola flounced off, Jackson gave a really cute thumbs up to Moira.
I’m beginning to like him !

Photos used by kind permission of Danglinghearts

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