BOSSY BOOTS ! – should have been posted 28/7/2010.


Last night in Emmerdale Jackson took Aaron to meet his mum or rather he told us that he was taking Aaron to meet his mum, we didn’t actually get to see the meeting – see next blog post.
Aaron turned up after work in a very nice blue shirt, obviously keen to make a good impression on her & Jackson told him he had to change it for a Tshirt. He told him they were not going to meet the queen. Aaron didn’t argue he just went home & changed it !
Well that settles one question, Jackson is definitely the one who wears the trousers ! He’s even started answering for him:
Leyla  "Are you going out somewhere ?"
Jackson  "Yes he is."
The old Aaron wouldn’t have stood for that – he must be in love !

Later we saw the two of them waiting in the bar for Jackson’s mum, Hazel, to turn up Aaron was a little apprehensive about whether or not he would be what she expected but Jackson just laughed it off & pinched Aaron’s arm, whereupon Aaron pointed out that it would be embarrassing to have to explain to his mum how he had  broken Jackson’s nose. Jackson informed him that Hazel would just punch him back, that she’s delicate like that & she should have been born a bloke. Aaron joked that that acounts for Jackson himself.
Jackson told Aaron to practice his confident smile & Aaron showed him a creepy grin worthy of a serial killer
[see picture above], Jackson told him not to bother as they didn’t want to scare her to death !

Afterwards the pair of them went back to the Woolpack & met Leyla & David for a drink. When layla asked Aaron what Hazel had been like he joked that she is just like Jackson but better looking.
While everyone was laughing at Nicola’s inability to realise that the barrels needed changing, Aaron’s phone rang. He answered it & said hi to his mam, he didn’t speak again but his face went all serious. She had obviously told him about Shadrach being dead. Poor Aaron is going to feel so guilty for not making up with him when he had the chance.

Photos used by kind permission of Danglinghearts

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