MEETING THE MOTHER-IN-LAW – should have been posted 28/7/2010.

I usually start entries about Aaron with "Last night in Emmerdale" but this part of the story wasn’t on telly at all. For some reason it was deleted from the transmited show & only shown online .
This was an extended scene where Aaron met Jackson’s mum Hazel, played by Pauline Quirke.
As mentioned in last night’s episode Jackson took
Aaron to a bar in town to meet his mum who had just moved back from living in Jamaica.
The whole scene was practically a monologue from Hazel, the poor lads couldn’t get a word in edgewise but some of the faces they pulled as she rabbited on were hilarious ! She was very funny & unbelievably rude to Aaron.
I can see where Jackson gets his cheekiness & sarcastic sense of humour from.
I can’t be bothered to transcribe the whole scene, partly because the computer is being so arsey that I want to post this as soon as I can before the computer dies again & partly because it has to be seen to be truly appreciated.
If you want to watch it then click on the link below to watch it on YouTube.


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