AARON BUYS A PIG IN A POKE & RYAN GETS TAKEN AWAY – should have been posted 5/8/2010.

Last night in Emmerdale Aaron turned up at the garage in the car that he had tried to get Cain to buy yesterday. Jackson asked him how he could afford to buy it when he is skint, Aaron admitted that he’d taken the money – £400, out of the garage’s petty cash. Cain was seriously not happy about that.
While Aaron tried to do it up a bit, saying that he could sell it on for more than twice what he paid for it, Cain took delight in telling him that it had been ‘clocked’. For the non-driving or honest souls amongst us, that means that the milometer has been turned back. Aaron was adamant that the car had hardly been used.
Cain, Ryan & even Jackson, what the hell does he know about cars all of a sudden ?, had a go at taking the piss out of the poor lad ! To be fair the car car did look like a clapped out old banger to me, but what do I know ?


While Aaron was trying to put the wing mirror, which had just fallen off when he tried to open the door, back on his pet car, Jackson came over to ask if there was any chance of Aaron taking a break soon as Jackson wanted his birthday kiss !
Aaron was almost flirty when he replied that Jackson would have to wait because he was working !
Oh my god, anyone would think that they were going out with each other !


In the middle of this rather cosy scene the police screached up & arrested the lovely Ryan for the murder of his father, Daniel Lamb, aka Mark Wilde, whose body has recently been found buried in a shallow grave on Home Farm land.
Of course we know that Daniel/Mark was shoot earlier this year by his bigamous wife, Natasha, & Ryan is being framed for it by his spiteful half-brother, the delisciously evil Nathan, to whom Natasha confessed all several months ago.
Aren’t you glad you don’t live in Soapland ?
Photos used by kind permission of Danglinghearts

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