AARON SAYS SORRY !- should have been posted 7/8/2010.

Last night in Emmerdale Adam & Aaron went to the pub for their lunch, Jackson was sat on his own, so Aaron went over to sit with him. Jackson said that he didn’t think Aaron wanted to be seen with him, Aaron replied that it wasn’t like that & prompted by a quizzical look from Jackson he said sorry.
Aaron appologised for something he’d done without being made to – wow, he really is growing up.


Jackson informed Aaron that Hazel was now staying at his flat after a row with Aunt Polly about teaspoons !
Both Aaron & Adam found it strange that Hazel just wanders around the world crashing with relatives in between exotic locations. Jackson told them that she has been that way ever since she left his dad.
Aaron is quite an old fashioned lad really. No wonder he’s such a prude !

Holly & Roz were in the pub, knackered after snorting the night away last night. Despite the fact that she was supossed to be working, Holly couldn’t resist sneaking of to the loos to ‘powder her nose’ & nearly got caught by Nicola.
She’s getting high at mid-day & she’s meant to be minding Kathy & Heathcliff tonight.
That girl is going to get herself in deep doo-doo !                


As Holly walked away from the cafe, after stealing some of Viv’s valium while babysitting, she bumped into Aaron out walking Clyde.
He tried to talk to her but because the valium had kicked in, she was all woozy & slurred of speech.
Aaron could tell straight away that she was off her face & rebuked her for lying to him, again. he was horrified to find she had been baby sitting in that state.
Holly just stumbled off, telling him to get a life & stay out of hers !
Like I said, deep, deep doo-doo !

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