(NOT SO) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON – should have been posted 6/8/2010.

Last night in Emmerdale the whole village came to gorpe as the police searched around the garage & in his house for evidence against Ryan.
Noticing that Aaron was a little aggitated by all this Jackson offered to forget celebrating his birthday, but Aaron told him that they couldn’t cancel his birthday at his age, as he may not have many left. Jackson indignantly reminded Aaron that he was only three years older than Aaron himself !
Aaron told Jackson that he had been planning to take him out for a pizza & Jackson quipped that romance wasn’t dead after all !
I think they’re quite sweet when they’re trying not to be romantic.


Later on Aaron saw Cain coming back from the police station & went over to ask how Ryan was. It didn’t take long for Cain to start having a go at Aaron about Jackson’s birthday, asking if Aaron had baked him a nice big pink cake. He even insulted Aaron’s perfectly good shirt !
Then Jackson turned up with two friends, some bloke we’ve never seen before called Sol & the lad he kissed in Bar West when Aaron was there with Adam, who is apearently called Joe. Aaron was not happy with them being there & while not exactly being rude, he wasn’t exactly polite either. It turned out that they had invited themselves along to his birthday bash. Cue mucho scowling from Aaron.
Sol was sarcastic about Aaron’s shirt as well, why does everyone keep picking on his shirts ?


Inside the Woolpack, Jackson tried to talk Adam & Scarlett into coming to Bar West with them but Adam wasn’t too keen & Aaron told Jackson to leave them alone. when Joe & Sol went to wait outside for the taxi into town, Jackson told Aaron that he hadn’t been all mardy when he’d met Aarons mates, to which Aaron retorted that he wasn’t being mardy. Jackson said that he understood how Aaron wanted Jackson all to himself, but Aaron denied it.
He so did want Jackson all to himself, he certainly didn’t want to share him with a lad he’d already seen Jackson kissing !


Outside the pub the police came back to sniff around the garage & Aaron couldn’t resist going over & having a go at them, telling them that they had nothing on Ryan. When the copper in charge threatehed to arrest Aaron Cain stepped in & told him to "Go play with your mates." Aaron sculked off, clearly disapointed that he hadn’t had a chance to deck someone !


Back outside the pub, Paddy reminded Aaron that he couldn’t do anything for Ryan & Aaron almost bit his head off. Rhona jumped to Paddy’s defence & Aaron had a go at her too.
The taxi came & Jackson walked over to get Aaron but Aaron told him that he had decided not go, because he was worried about Ryan – obviously ! Aaron couldn’t resist having a dig at Sol & Joe and Jackson chastised him for being so judgemental, then he left Aaron to get in the taxi saying that he’d see him tomorrow, or not. Celebrating his birthday without his boyfriend – aah !
Rhona told him that he didn’t deserve a boyfriend & he told her to shut her face then sloped back into the pub. She told Paddy that one of these day’s she was going tan Aaron’s backside. Paddy merely  said;
"A bit ambitious isn’t it ?"
Rhona told him that she was worried about Ryan too but that she didn’t behave like a ‘gobby little brat’, to which Paddy said:
"You do have your moments." I love paddy’s understated sarcasm.           


Inside the pub Aaron was getting steadily drunker & when Rhona asked paddy if he tought she should go & see Ryan, Aaron couldn’t stop himself from sniping that if she did she would be making Ryan’s life even more of a misery. Rhona had clearly had enough of Aaron’s bad mood & when she told him so he squared up to her as if he was ready to lash out, but Paddy, the hero, stepped in just in time & Aaron stormed out instead.
Rhona wasn’t very grateful & told him she could fight her own battles. She hasn’t seen Aaron in full psycho mode !
Paddy followed Aaron outside & told him to phone Jackson but Aaron was having none of it. So Paddy asked him if he wanted a game of Monster Hunter. Aaron, realising that Paddy was not going to let him alone, relented & said go on then.
He even smiled, will wonders never cease ? Seriously, six months ago Aaron would have put his fist through Rhona’s face hours ago. He is improving  – slowly.
Photos used by kind permission of Danglinghearts

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