AARON GRASSES UP HOLLY TO ADAM – should have been posted 10/8/2010.


Last night on Emmerdale, in the cafe Aaron asked Adam how Holly was this morning. When Adam asked why he wanted to know, Aaron told him about their encounter the night before. Aaron tried to give her the benefit of the doubt by saying that she might have just had a couple of cans, but it was clear to both of them that Holly had been high.

Adam went home to find Holly sparked out on the settee. He took the oppertunity to have a quick shuffty through her bag, unfortunately she woke up & caught him. In typical Holly fashion she got all hurt & defensive. He told her that Aaron had told him what a state she had been in the night before & that she had been acting weird. She tried to turn it around on him, saying that having a psycho brother going through her stuff was bound to make her act ‘weird’. She treatened to tell on him for picking on her, so he just gave up & left.


At the garage Aaron & Cain had a chat about how well Ryan would cope with prison.
Nice to know that your mates have faith in you isn’t it ?
Fay told them that his hearing was going to be tomorrow. Things are not looking good for the lad.                     


Later in the pub Aaron tried to talk Cain out of going to see Ryan in court.
Cain reminded Aaron that if his family had not been there to see him in court, he would have lost his bottle & never come out the way he did.
Aaron pointed out that there is a difference between your family & your boss. Not to mention the fact that Aaron was only looking at six months whereas Ryan could get twenty-five years for murder.
Like I said not looking good at all.
Photos used by kind permission of Danglinghearts.

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