BYE BYE FOR *gulp* TWO WEEKS ! – should have been posted 18/8/2010.


Last night on Emmerdale Hazel offered to drive Jackson & Aaron to the airport. How kind of her, well not quite, because what she really wanted was the use of Jackson’s van while he’s away.       

Chastity was convinced that she had caught nits (head lice) from the vicar’s daughter, via his wife at the sweet factory. She insisted Carl check her over to make sure she was clean. He, for some weird reason, got turned on by this & made her late for work !             


As a last little job before going on holiday, Jackson fixed Andy’s door for him. Andy had put his fist through it the night before when his ex-girlfriend, Adele, refused to listen to his excuses for spying on her. As Andy handed over the money, Jackson noticed that Andy’s knuckles were red raw. He asked if everything was all right but Andy just brushed him off.
Andy has a history of wife beating & anger issues, if you ask me Adele is lucky to have got away from him in one piece.               


Meanwhile Carl was still feling frisky & seeing Eve at the bus stop, flirtily offered to take her into town. If he does what it looks like he’s going to do, Chas will eviscerate the pair of them !                 

Later on Carl & Chas bumped into Eve in the village & when the pair of them kissed, Eve did the most hilarious double take I have ever seen. Disgusted at the sight of them kissing but all smiles when they turned towards her. What a bitch !

Chas walked of to work & bumped into Hazel, who introduced herself as Jacksons mum.
Chas offered to buy her a drink sometime & Hazel accepted because, as she said, they were "practically family now" even though Jackson would hate her saying it. Chas agreed that so would Aaron.
Ah, they have common ground, I have a feeling that it will be the only common ground that they have.
Sooner or later sparks are going to fly between them two, mark my words !


Hannah’s – got – a – boyfriend – na na-na na na !
Aaaaaawh ! His name is Issac, he has a moped & he looks about 10 years older than her !

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