CAN I COME TOO ? -should have been posted 17/8/2010.


Last night in Emmerdale, while he put the finnishing touches to Declan’s house, Jackson told his mum that he was putting her in the B&B while he buggers off on holiday – without his boyfriend. She wasn’t very bothered but she wasn’t happy with him either. She basically told him that he was a coward using overcrowding as an excuse & that running away wouldn’t make things better.
As she walked away Aaron came around to see when & where Jackson was going on holiday – without Aaron. Jackson told him he was going to Lanzorote tomorrow. Jackson said that Aaron would have some peace & quiet at last. He seems to think that Aaron needs a break from him, the foolish boy. Cue Aaron’s sad face again ! Aawh !


Later in the pub, after Aaron’s last day of Community Payback, he told Jackson that he could join him on holiday, if that was alright with Jackson. He pointed out that they both needed a break from the village, not each other. He also said that he had spoken to Paddy & it would be okay for Hazel to stay at Smithy Cottage.
Jackson said that it looked like he’d thought of everything but at no point did he actually say that he wanted Aaron to come with him. He seemed glad though.
First holiday together, cue Aaron’s cheeky grin – at last !

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