DOMESTIC BLISS ? – should have been posted 14/8/2010.


Last night in Emmerdale Aaron & Jackson were living together & Aaron didn’t seem to be loving it.
Jackson joked with him about being the breadwinner while Aaron could be the ‘housewife’.
Aaron did not find that funny.        


Hazel offered to cook a ‘family’ meal for everyone to thank them for letting her stay, Aaron told her she didn’t have to bother. Hazel is beginning to wonder what on earth her son sees in this sulky git !
Personally I think he must have some pretty awesome hidden talents ! Ooh it’s warm in here !!                

After the meal Hazel dragged Paddy into the kitchen to wash dishes so that the boys could have some alone time, realising that Aaron is not happy with their new living arrangments.
While they are out of the room Jackson announced that he’s going to put his mum into the B&B and he is going to go off on holiday – alone.
The poor deluded fool thinks that Aaron wants a break from him, cue Aaron’s really sad face !

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Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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