YOU’RE WELCOME ! – should have been posted 13/8/2010.


night in Emmerdale Jackson had some bad news, his flat had flooded. It may, or
may not, have been Hazel’s fault. Appearently the bath ran itself ! When he
told Aaron we were treated to an Abbott & Costello type exchange:

Jackson – "Flat’s

Aaron –  
  "Why, what’s happened ?"

Jackson – "You know the flat

–     "Yeah."

Jackson – "Flooded."

Jackson also told Aaron that the
flat wasn’t big enough for him, his mum & his flatmate. Flatmate ? He has
never mentioned having a flatmate before !


Aaron walked back to work after talking to Jackson he had a strange encounter with
Nikhil from the factory.
Nikhil was walking out of the shop while on his phone to his girlfriend,
Maisie. Neither he nor Aaron were looking where they were going & slightly
bumped into each other. Aaron, as always, took instant offence & told
Nikhil to watch where he was going. Nikhil muttered something about being
frustrated with women, meaning Masie, Aaron assumed that it was a reference to
him & asked Nikhil if he was having a go at him. Nikhil had no idea what
Aaron was talking about & they both sort of stared at each other in
confusion. Aaron realised that Nikhil had not been having a go at him &
walked away.
It was very odd & I have no idea why it was there.

later Aaron had another encounter, this time with Pearl, Paddy’s receptionist. She was
complaining to Aaron about missing the bus because it had arrived early. He
took the mikey out of her by pretending to be as disgusted as she was &
walked away with a big grin on his face. I smell plot developement.


on in the pub, Pearl had Jackson
cornered & came out with some lovely, non-judgemental, homosexual
stereotyping about ‘the gays’ being good to their grannies & how she didn’t
like lesbians. Poor Jackson
had a hard time keeping a straight face, if you’ll pardon the expression ! I
love tactless old biddys !


Aaron turned up to rescue him by getting Pearl onto the tragic story of the bus
& working it around to her buying the car he has been doing up. He was very
cheeky with her & it was nice to see a bit of the old Aaron back. Jackson left them to it
when he got a call from his landlord & he went outside to take it.

the pub, Paddy overheard Jackson
arguing on the phone, with his landlord. When Jackson
told him that he’d been kicked out of his flat, Paddy immediately asked Jackson to move into
Smithy Cottage with him & Aaron. Jackson
tried to refuse but Paddy was having non of it. Jackson gave up arguing but, after a minor
interuption from Rhona, warned Paddy that he had some ‘baggage’.
I think he means Hazel !


In the second episode that night, Jackson went to the garage to see Aaron, who was proud that he had finished work on his car. Jackson told him about being evicted & how Paddy had said Jackson could stay at theirs. Aaron didn’t look over the moon about it but he said it would be okay. Then Hazel came around the corner.
Talking nighty to the dozen & gossiping about her relatives, in a short space of time she managed to insult both Aaron & his car. The she dropped the bombshell that she was moving as well.
Aaron did not look please at that.


Later in the pub, Aaron asked Paddy why he had invited Jackson & his mum to stay with them. When Paddy asked if Aaron would have rather he hadn’t, Aaron pointed out that Paddy hadn’t even met Hazel. Paddy asked him if she was not very nice & Aaron sort of mumbled that she was fine. Then Paddy asked him if it was a bit awkward & Aaron said "Yeah, well no, no, no it’s fine." Paddy asked him if he was sure & Aaron said he was, but not very convincingly. Paddy became a bit confused & asked Aaron what the conversation was about. Aaron told him that he should know because he was the one that started it. Much to Aaron’s amusment that confused Paddy even more !                              


Hazel & jackson Turned up at Paddy’s in the middle of his games night with Marlon & Rhona. Aaron was left to carry all the numerous bags in while Hazel blew in like a whirlwind managing to insult Paddy, Marlon, Rhona & Paddy’s little pool table !
One of the bags Aaron brought in was a trumpet case. Hazel informed them that she couldn’t play very well but she could play very loudly !
Oh boy, they are all going to have some fun

Photos used by kind permission of Danglinghearts.

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