Last night in Emmerdale Aaron & Jackson came back from their holidays one of them very happy the other one a little bit grumpy. Can you guess which is which ?
Hazel soon wiped the smile of Jackson’s face by telling him that she had decided to stay & was looking for somewher that the two of them could rent.
He dropped a bombshell of his own when he told her that him & Aaron had decided to stay put for a while & live together. That almost made Aaron smile until Pearl came over & reminded him that Cain wanted Aaron’s clocked car moved off the lot as soon as possible.


In the cafe Jackson was teasing his mum while Aaron lovingly chucked chips at him. Jackson was affectionately ignoring his boyfriend when Chas came in to join them.
She quipped that Jackson must have got a shock when he saw his mum working in the cafe, but he told her that she had already informed him on the phone that she would be there. Chas bluffed that she hadn’t phoned Aaron because she was giving him some space. Hazel told Chas that she hadn’t phoned Jackson, rather he had phoned her.
Aaron looked a bit embarrassed & threw some more chips at Jackson.


Then Pearl came into the cafe moaning about missing the bus, again. Aaron took the opportunity to try & flog her his clocked car. Winking at Jackson (winking at Jackson ! That’s almost affection, the holiday has done him good after all !), he offered Pearl a test-drive in the car, pointing out that it was the solution to all her problems. When she poo-poohed the idea he offered to drive her into town to do her shopping, so that she could see how the car ran, no obligation.
Jackson was not amused at his boyfriend tryin to con a little old lady.


Later in the pub, Adam was unburdening himself to Jackson about Holly’s drug escapades when Aaron & Pearl came back from the shops. She seemed very pleased with the car & was obviously on the verge of buying it when Jackson advised her not to buy the first car she sees, saying that maybe she should look around a bit.
He distracted her further by giving her a fridge magnet from Lanzorote.
Aaron was not pleased & reminded him that he had to get shut of the car to get Cain off his back.
Jackson told him that didn’t excuse him trying to con a sweet old lady like Pearl.
Maybe she was right, the other week, when she said they were always good to their nans, the gays !
Photos used by kind permission of Danglinghearts.

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