Not been able to get to this page for a while so here are some brief Emmerdale updates for the month of September/beginning of October:
Thursday – 16/9/10.
Aaron sells his, clocked, car to pearl, Cain is pleased but after Jackson, Paddy & even Hazel have a go at him he, reluctantly, does the right thing, tells her the truth & gives her her money back. Cain is not happy.
While shopping in town Aaron bumps into Holly, outside a dodgy pub, looking like shit. He tells her to come home but she says she has a job there & is happy. Although she treatens him not to tell anyone that he saw her, when he gets back to the village he tells Moira all about their encounter & where Holly can be found.       
Monday – 20/9/10.
A nasty looking thug called Mickey rolls into the village with his equally nasty looking dog, to pick up a parcel which he left in the back of Terry’s taxi. He sees Aaron’s car & Aaron takes the opportunity to off load it on a passing sucker.Aaron & Cain are both pleased to see the back of it but Mickey comes back when he realises that the car has been clocked, demanding his money back.
Aaron is not at the garage when Mickey arrives but the ever helpful Adam, not knowing why Mickey wants Aaron tells him where Aaron lives.
Aaron is stubborn & refuses to hand it over. Everyone else is worried for him, he is a bit worried himself but doesn’t let it show.                                              
Tuesday – 21/9/10.
Mickey comes back demanding his refund again but Aaron sticks to his guns. Everyone but Cain tells Aaron to pay him back but, of course, Aaron listens to Cain.                          
Wednesday – 22/9/10.
Aaron arrives at the garage the next morning to find that all the cars have been vandalised & Terry’s taxi office has been ransacked. Cain is not pleased. Aaron knows that it was  Mickey’s handiwork & plots revenge on him. Jackson warns him not to do anything stupid.
Later, at home Aaron tells Jackson that he is going to give Mickey his money back & not do anything to get his own back, but a crafty gin on Aarons face, just before the credits roll. lets us know that he doesn’t mean it.
Thursday – 23/9/10.
Part One –  On the pretext of giving the money back, Aaron borrows Jackson’s van & takes Clyde around to Mickey’s house to threaten him that if Mickey doesn’t leave Aaron alone, Aaron will set Clyde on him. Mickey agrees to back off & Aaron walks away smiling thinking that he has won.
Part Two – While everyone is out Mickey pays a visit to Smithy Cottage with his dog. Seeing Clyde tied up in the garden he lets his dog loose on Clyde.
When Aaron comes home Clyde is in a bad way, having lost a lot of blood. Rhona & Paddy do their best to save Clyde but there is nothing they can do & Paddy has to put Clyde to sleep.
Aaron is heartbroken at the lose of his dog. Jackson tries to point out to him that this situation has escalated too far already & it would only get worse if Aaron tries to go after Mickey again but Aaron is determined that Mickey will pay for what he did.
Friday – 24/9/10.
Jackson has had enough of Aaron’s violent ways & moves out of Smithy Cottage to live at Andy’s in the room recently vacated by Rhona, who has moved in with Marlon.
Aaron behaves like he is more Angry than anything else at Jackson’s leaving but
really he is hurt & misses his boyfriend more than he feels he can say.
Monday – 27/9/10.
Chas advised Aaron to appologies & ask
Jackson to take him back, for once the dopey little sod followed her advice & sent Jackson a text asking him to meet Aaron on the field where he walked Clyde to help him scatter his pets ashes.
Jackson made him wait, but he turned up eventually & listened to Aaron beg him to forgive & forget. Aaron promised to not make the same stupid mistakes & told Jackson to kick him into touch if he ever oversteps the mark again. Jackson agreed to take Aaron back but didn’t want to move back in together.
Then Aaron kissed Jackson – Hallelujah !                                 
Wednesday – 29/9/10.
After a talk with Hazel, Jackson decides that the best thing to do is pay off Mickey.
In the cafe when Jackson tells Aaron what he has done, Aaron is furious, shouting at Hazel & kicking over a stool as he storms out. Jackson follows him & while they are rowing in the street Aaron demands to know why Jackson is with him. Jackson blurts out "Because I love ya !"
Aaron is genuinely shocked & goes into his house shutting the door on Jackson telling him that he can’t take it back because it is true.                                
Thursday – 30/9/10.
Aaron is very upset by Jackson’s declaration & avoids him in the pub to spend time with Adam to whom he bitches about Jackson, saying that there was no need for him to get so heavy when Aaron just thought they were having fun. Adam is sympathetic but doesn’t have any advice for Aaron.
Tuesday – 5/10/10.
played matchmaker & got Aaron & Jackson to start talking to
each other. Of course it didn’t take long for Jackson to storm off in a
huff, much to Aaron’s annoyance.
Whatever Aaron thinks of Jackson’s
blurted out declaration of love, he clearly doesn’t want his
relationship with Jackson to end.

Pictures may be added at a later date if I have time.


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