EMMERDALE’S BIG NIGHT. THE CRASH – should have been posted on 7/10/10.

In the final scenes of Emmerdale last night, Jackson was driving off, leaving Aaron in the middle of nowhere, running down the road shouting after him.
Jackson drove away with tears in his eyes & Aaron, realising that he couldn’t keep up, stopped running, exasperated. Then Aaron took out his phone & the phone in Jackson’s van, on the seat beside him, rang showing Aaron’s name.
Still standing in the middle of the road, Aaron begged Jackson to answer his phone, but Jackson just kept looking from it to the road.
Eventually he made up his mind to answer it & reached over to pick it up. Unfortunately, because he was still driving, it slipped from the seat & Jackson foolishly leant over to pick it up, taking his eyes off the road.
There is a reason why it’s illegal to answer your phone while you are driving, as Jackson is about to find out !

When Jackson bent over to pick up the phone, his eyes where momentarily taken off the road, so he didn’t see the huge lorry parked in front of him until it was too late to stop. Suddenly swerving to avoid it, caused his van to crash through a nearby fence, then plunged down a slope, finally rolling over, landing on it’s side with the windscreen all smashed & Jackson still inside.

Back up the road Aaron hear all of this, but was too far away to see what had happened. He lowered his phone & just stared down the road in disbeleif.
Meanwhile, Jackson was badly cut around the face but still alive & gasping for breathe.
Aaron, with tears still steaming down his face, started to move towards the noise of the crash, running faster & faster, trying to wipe the tears from his face.
Jackson, still trapped in the van, blood on his face & clearly in shock, tried to get his bearings.

Then we saw where the van had come to rest, on a fucking railway line, by a level crossing & the level crossing was shut !
There was a train coming & Jackson was trapped in his van, on the railway line !
Aaron was now running full pelt, but he was still nowhere near the railway tracks.
Jackson, still looking dazed, heard a sound & looked up to see a train heading straight for him !
There was nothing he could do.
There was nothing the train driver could do.
The train hit the van.
With a awful sound of smashing glass & grinding metal as the train clipped the van & sent it flying down the side of the railway track, into a pile of pallettes.


The last sound we heard was that of the train’s brakes as it screached to a stand still.
The last thing we saw was Jackson, unmoving, covered in blood, slumped in his mangled van.

This is too figging much. I don’t even know if Jackson is alive or dead. The night started out so well, with such promises of fun & romance. Now I’m a sodding mess.
How can they do this to me. The bastards !

Pictures by kind permission of Dangling Hearts.


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