EMMERDALE’S BIG NIGHT. THE NIGHTCLUB – should have been posted on 7/10/10.

Last night in Emmerdale Jackson was putting the finishing touches to Declan’s house, when Aaron came around to invite him out for a night on the town. Jackson was a bit off-hand with him but he did say yes, which made Aaron smile – yeah !


Paddy & Marlon, finding themselves bored decided to gatecrash Aaron & Jackson’s night out, little knowing that Aaron had planned a romantic night for two. Aaron tried to appologies but Jackson said that it was okay with him & it might even be a laugh. Oh, I’d put money on that.
Paddy & Marlon were shocked to find that the boys were going to Bar West, the only gay club in Yorkshire. Although why it didn’t occur to them two young gay lads having a night out would want to go to a gay club is beyond me.
*Plot alert*
They couldn’t get a taxi, well it’s always busy on a Wednesday night out in the wilds of Yorkshire, so Jackson offered to drive them there in his van.
You know that this is going to be a mistake by the very casual way he says he will do it. My godess, don’t these people ever watch Casualty ?


Much hillarity ensued as Paddy & Marlon tried to fit in at the club. Their dancing alone deserved a comedy award.
Paddy, being the big lovable hunk that he is, got hit on & being Paddy, was too polite to simply say that he was not gay. That was when Aaron & Jackson started winding him up. They told him about ‘The Code’.
OMG ‘The Code’! That bit was SO funny.
Why are straight people always scared of saying or doing the wrong thing when they go to gay clubs ?
Paddy eventually worked out that if you ask for a lager, it is because you like lager, nothing else. For some reason Paddy did not find any of this funny, but I did.


After all the fun of teasing Paddy & Marlon, Aaron & Jackson sat in a quiet corner & had a little heart to heart. There was teasing, there was appologising, there was smiling, there was, eventually, a kiss ! Then Aaron said he was going outside for a cigarette, bloody smoking ban !
This is another bad move.

As soon as Aaron got outside, to what to his wandering eyes should appear but just over the road, the evil dog killer Mickey. Aww come on, give the poor kid a break, can’t they let him have more than a few seconds happiness for once ?
This is not gong to end well, you mark my words !

Pictures used by kind permission of Dangling Hearts.


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