Ena Sharples & Elsie Tanner, Giving It Rice In The Street. From The Early Days Of Corrie. 

Last night television history was made, because Coronation Street, after fifty years, became the longest running continual drama, that’s a soap to you & me, in the history of television – ever.
If you need Corrie explaining to you, then you are either a very precocious reader, or you have been in a coma for fifty years.
It is a national treasure & it is high time that Tony Warren, the creator, was knighted for his services to British television.
To quote the late Russel Harty
"There was life before Coronation Street, but it didn’t amount to much."

 The Current Cast, Watching The Street Being Destroyed By A Tram Crash. 

This site really doesn’t like soaps, everytime I try to post an entry on this blog about a soap, it refuses to upload it.


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