THE AFTERMATH – 8/10/10.


Last night in Emmerdale, Jackson was trapped, unmoving & covered in blood, in his van after being hit by a train. Meanwhile Aaron was running at full speed down the road, from where Jackson had left him, not knowing what had happened, because he had only heard the noises of the crash, but clearly fearing the worst.
The train driver tried to stop Aaron from getting to what was left of Jackson’s van, but Aaron was having none of it. When he saw the bloody mess that had once been his boyfriend, he started crying & pleading with Jackson not to leave him, to move, say something, wake up & be mad at him, something, anything, but just not to die.

The ambulance arrived, rather quickly I thought & the next thing we saw was Jackson, still unconscious, being wheeled into the hospital while parmedics gabbled all that scary sounding medical stuff about BP, respiratory rate & a whole load of numbers over other numbers.
Poor Aaron could only stand helplessly by, while a small crowd of medicos tried to save his boyfriends life. When he asked the doctor what he could do, he was told that waiting was all he could do.

Patience has never been one of Aaron’s strong points & under the stress of not even knowing whether Jackson was alive or dead, he came very close to threatening the male nurse, who couldn’t give him the assurances he wanted, or let him go to Jackson. Luckily just then Paddy arrived, at least giving Aaron someone to talk to while Jackson fought for his life.

Not that Aaron was being any more chatty than usual. He made a few confusing references to "Not meaning it" & "I didn’t know what I was thinking", giving Paddy the distinct impression that what ever had happened had been Aaron’s fault. Eventually Paddy got it out of about the row & the phone call. Paddy tried to tell Aaron that he couldn’t be sure that any of that made it his fault, but Aaron was convinced that the whole crash was down to him.
Aaron had phoned Paddy, but he couldn’t face telling Hazel what had happened, so Paddy phoned her for him.
While they were waiting, the police turned up to question Aaron & the nurse came back to tell Paddy that Jackson was bleeding into his abdomen & they needed to do CT scans on his head injuries, when Paddy asked how bad it was the nurse didn’t answer.

As the police were leaving, there was a major panic & all the nurses ran to help, Paddy tried to tell Aaron that it might be someone else but Aaron was terrified that Jackson was dying.
Aaron, rather pathetically, begged Paddy not to let Jackson die & started crying again. He slid down the wall, with his head in his hands, sobbing. Paddy knealt down in front of him, hugging Aaron’s head.
Emmerdale continues in half an hour – these people are bloody sadists !

In the second half of last night’s viewer-torture, sorry that should be, last night’s episode, Paddy & Aaron finally got some information from the nurse. It wasn’t good news, Jackson’s scan showed bleeding to the brain as well as the abdomen. He told them that the doctors were trying to stop the abdominal bleeding & that it would be some time before he would have anymore news.
Aaron tried to get to see Jackson, when the nurse told him that it was impossible, Aaron’s old violent streak threatened to rear it’s ugly head again, but the nurse told him that the best thing Aaron could do for his friend was to let the doctors do their job.
Aaron’s anger soon gave way to more tears, as he told Paddy that he just wanted to see Jackson, that he NEEDED to know that he was alright.
Meanwhile back at the pub, Hazel rushed in & got Bob to take her to the hospital.

Back at the hospital Aaron & Paddy were going over the possible reasons why Jackson crashed, Aaron feeling totally responsible, if we hadn’t been arguing, if I hadn’t got out of the van, if I hadn’t tried to phone him & Paddy tried to reassure him that none of those things made the crash his fault.

Then Hazel came rushing in asking where Jackson was. Paddy told her that Jackson was still in theatre, she was gobsmacked. Bob asked what had happened & Paddy explained that they only knew what the medical staff had told them & that wasn’t very much. He told them that there was internal bleeding & that was why he was in theatre. Paddy advised them to wait until they could speak to a doctor, but Hazel wasn’t about to sit around waithing & she stormed off looking for someone to interogate.
Paddy warned Bob that they had been told it could be some time before they heard any news, which stopped Hazel in her tracks. When she asked if it was that serious, nobody knew what to say. She asked if he had been on his own & Aaron stepped forward to say that he had been there, but Paddy chimed in that Aaron hadn’t been in the van. Paddy & Hazel went off to see if they could find out anymore, leaving Aaron feeling even more guilty than before.

Hazel & Paddy came back none the wiser than when they had left. Hazel was not happy about being told to just sit & wait. She began to ask questions about how the accident had happened. She stode toward Aaron with a scarily determined look on her face. Aaron was sat with his head in his hands, Hazel sat beside him, telling him that she needed to know what had happened & he was the only one there.
This could be very bad for Aaron !

Aaron tried to explain about the row & him getting out & Jackson driving off but he couldn’t quite bring himself to tell Jackson’s mum that he had made the phone call. Bob asked if the police had said when they were coming back & Aaron told him that they would be back tomorrow. Hazel couldn’t understand why Jackson had crashed, she just kept saying what a good driver he was. Aaron couldn’t speak or stop crying.
Hazel asked Aaron what they had been arguing about & he asked her what difference it would make. Hazel said that Jackson could be in there dying for all they knew, which set the tears rolling down Aaron’s cheeks again. Bob asked why Jackson hadn’t pulled up earlier & aaron said that he didn’t know.
All the time he was talking to them, Aaron kept the sleeves of his jumper pulled down over his hands, it gave him the look of a small, lost child, but I’ve just realised that he was covering his bruised knuckles. He probably didn’t want Hazel to think that he had thumped he son !

The five of them, walked around trying to find something to say until Hazel broke down & cried, Bob comforted her & offered her his hankie. She teased him about ironing his hankies & he told her that he was adapting to a batchelor life style. Only then did she remember that she had forgotten to tell Jackson’s dad that he had been in an accident. She phoned him & Bob told her that he’d be getting off. He told her that he would be at the end of the phone if she needed him & that it would be alright.
We found out that Jackson’s dad is called Jerry.
Paddy regaled Aaron & Hazel with tales of his stays in hospital. It did nothing to cheer either of them up. Aaron told Paddy that he felt Hazel was blaming him for the accident, Paddy tried to act like he didn’t know what Aaron meant, but Aaron told him not to act thick.

Just then the surgeon who had opperated on Jackson came to tell them that they had done all that they could for the time being & the next 24 hours will be critical. She told them that he wasn’t breathing under his own steam so he was on a ventilater, but they had managed to control the bleeding from his liver & spleen.
She then told them that it was still touch & go, but that he would be taken to the intensive care unit to be put on a life support system where he would be monitored closely.

As she walked away Aaron asked again if they could see
Jackson. She said they couldn’t see him yet. Then Hazel asked her if she
ying that Jackson could die. Paddy butted in to say that that wasn’t what the doctor meant, but Aaron asked her again if that was what she was saying. She replied that all she was saying was that right now there are a lot of people doing their best to make sure that that doesn’t happen. She promised to keep them informed & walked away.
As she left Aaron said that this was all his fault, but Hazel reassured him that it was an accident & Jackson was going to be alright. She kept saying that, but Aaron did not look like he belived her on either count.

The final scenes were of Jackson being hooked up top the life support machine, looking to me exactly like a young man who’s life was hanging by a thread.
This is bloody heart breaking stuff. I need more tissues.  

Pictures used by kind permission of Dangling Hearts.

Amazing ! A mere two months later this stupid thing has allowed me to upload this entry.
I don’t know if it’s the stupid site or the stupid computer but I can’t wait to move this blog somewhere else, anywhere else.
Now lets see if it will let me upload any of the other drafts  I have. *fingers crossed*


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