Last night in Emmerdale Jackson was lying in his hospital, hooked up to the beeping machine with tubes coming out of his face & a metal cage around his head. Hazel was sat by his bed side & Paddy & Aaron were stood outside Jackson’s room, watching through the window.
Paddy told Aaron that he had contacted Chas & that she was trying to get a flight back, but Aaron told him to tell her not to bother as there was nothing she could do. In typical Aaron fashion, it never occured to him that his mum might want to be there for him.
Paddy tried to get Aaron to go in & see his boyfriend, but Aaron was having none of it. Hazel told him that Jackson would want him in there, but he disagreed. She told him that she knew her own son & Aaron should get in there & tell him to wake up or she would drag him in herself.

Before he could go anywhere Jackson’s dad, Jerry. came rushing down the corridor. He asked how Jackson was & Hazel told him that their son was in a coma & no-one was going to know how badly he had been injured until he wakes up. When Aaron offered to leave them to it, Jerry asked who he was. Hazel introduced Jerry as Jackson’s dad, but didn’t mention that Aaron was Jackson’s boyfriend, mmm !
Jerry asked if he could go in & see Jackson & as Hazel took him in, Paddy asked Aaron if he was alright. Aaron just said that he needed to get some air. Paddy repeated what Hazel had said about Jackson wanting him in there, but Aaron reminded Paddy that he wasn’t family. Then he walked outside looking really sad.

Jerry stood by Jackson’s bed, he asked Hazel how long Jackson was going to be like this, but Hazel told him that noboby knew & all they could do was wait. Jerry was quite nasty to Hazel, saying that they were doing nothing, but Hazel told him that she wasn’t doing nothing, that she was hoping & that she would go on hoping until Jackson got through this & he would get through this, because he’s a fighter & god knows that he’s had to be. I don’t think that I like that there Jerry.
Then Jerry refered to Aaron as "Him outside, the chav." ! Did I mention that I don’t like Jerry ? Hazel looked exasberated & told him not to start this now. Jerry asked if Aaron had anything to do with Jackson being in this state & Hazel said it was typical that Jerry would want to find someone to blame. Jerry retorted that Hazel had probably played matchmaker for them. Hazel pointed oput that the doctors had told her that Jackson could probably hear everything that they said so how about, just for once he should get to hear something different. That shut him up ! He stormed out. Im not liking Jerry one little bit !
Jerry strode up to Aaron & asked him if he was a ‘mate’ of Jacksons & if he had seen it happen. When Aaron said yes, Jerry said that it was funny how Aaron didn’t have a scratch on him. Paddy chipped in that Aaron was just a bystander & it had nothing to do with him. Aaron & Jerry stared at each other & Aaron said that it did.
Hazel told him that he didn’t have to do this, but Aaron said that he did. Jerry asked what had he done, what wasn’t Aaron telling him ? Aaron started crying, again & told Jerry that him & Jackson had had a stupid arguement. Jerry asked him about what & Hazel told him that this wasn’t helping, but Jerry said it was helping him.
Aaron said that he tried to say he was sorry, but Jackson drove off. Paddy jumped in & said that this had nothing to do with it, but Jerry just said "Finish". Aaron, choking back the tears told Jerry that he had tried to phone Jackson & that might have been why he crashed the van. Jerry said "Because he was too busy answering a call from you." What a pig ! Paddy butted in again to say that nobody knew that for sure & that it was not Aaron’s fault, but Aaron just said that he was sorry & walked away crying.
Jerry made him cry, the bastard.

In the corridor Paddy tried to convince Aaron that Jackson probably didn’t even hear his phone & that he had to accept that it was just an accident. Aaron was too consumed with guilt, just because he couldn’t say those three little words. Paddy pointed out that people fall in & out of love all the time & just because these two are blokes didn’t make any difference.
Paddy tried to make a joke about Aaron & his ‘father-in-law’ hitting it off. Aaron crossed his fingers & said that they were "like that". He almost smiled. Paddy said that he’d never even heard Jackson mention his dad before & he asked Aaron if he’d ever said anything to him about Jerry. Aaron said "Only that he was an idiot". Well he got that right !                        

Just then Jerry came strolling towards them & Paddy told Aaron that now was his chance to tell him. Jerry [boo hiss] opened with "You know I’ve gotta admire ya." Aaron just looked confused, Jerry [boo hiss] carried on "Hanging around here after what you’ve done."
Paddy tryng to be polite, even calling him Mr Walsh, said that he understood that this was a tough time for him, but he had to stop blaming Aaron. Jerry
[boo hiss] said "Who are you to tell me who to blame ? You’re no-one, you’re not even his dad."
Paddy tried again to reason with Jerry
[boo hiss] but he carried on "I am a dad, only thanks to him, my son’s probably never going to wake up & even if he does who know what state he’ll be in, so you tell me what right you’ve go to be here ?" Aaron didn’t say anything but Paddy said "You’re not the only one who cares for Jackson."
Then Jerry
[boo hiss] said "Oh & I suppose he does ? Don’t make me laugh."
Aaron asked Jerry
[boo hiss] "Do you wish that was me in there ? Because I do too, I’d take his place like a shot if, but I can’t."
[boo fucking hiss] hit him with "That’s right. You’ve got to live with this for the rest of your life. If he dies, it’s down to you. You killed him."
Paddy, quite forcefullly for him, said "That’s Enough.", but Aaron just asked through his tears "Tell me what you want me to do & I’ll do it."
[boo fucking bastard hiss] said "I want you to walk out of here & never come near my son again, as long as you live, or as long as he does." Then Jerry  [boo hiss, may he rot in hell for all eternity] walked away.       

Paddy tried to reason with Aaron, but Aaron just walked out of the hospital. He stopped as he walked past Jackson’s door & watched Hazel chatting to her son like everything was normal. Paddy told Aaron not to listen to Jerry [boo hiss the scum sucking toe-rag], but Aaron just told him through yet more tears that Jerry [boo hiss, turd of the foulest water] was right & he shouldn’t be there.
Paddy told Aaron again that Jackson needs him, but Aaron said "No he doesn’t." Then he walked out of the hospital.
I really, really want something appalling to happen to Jerry [ boo hiss, shit for brains, piece of crap], something really, extremely appalling !
You have to come back Aaron, Paddy is right, Jackson does need you !

Pictures used by kind permission of Dangling Hearts.


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