Last night in
Emmerdale Aaron was working hard at the garage. Alan Turner was tinkering with
his bike & when he remarked that he was surprised to see Aaron there, Aaron
said that someone had to be. Alan offered to keep an eye on things if Aaron
wanted to slip away for half an hour, but Aaron said that it was fine. Of course
we know that he didn’t mean it & he’s only staying away from the
hospital because Jackson’s
dad [boo hiss] told him too.


Just then Andy
turned up with the mysteries & dishonest new girl, Amy. She’d left her
broken down car at the garage the night before & tried to get Aaron to fix
the car, when he pointed out that the repairs would cost more than the car was
worth she got all flirty & asked if he could do her a deal. Oh boy was she
wasting her talents ! He pointed out that he wasn’t a charity & she offered
to beg. When Aaron said nothing, she got down on her hands & knees, Aaron
totally embarrassed, said he’d see what he could do for her if she just got up.


Then Paddy rescued
him by saying that he wanted a quick word. Paddy offered to take Aaron to the
hospital but Aaron told him that he had to work, when Paddy replied that Cain
would understand, Aaron just repeated that he had to work. Paddy tried to point
out to him that when Jackson
came round the first person he would want to see would be Aaron, but Aaron just
did his lip chewing, looking elsewhere, you’re not here, silent routine. Paddy
then pointed out that Aaron had to get past what Jerry [boo hiss] had said
because Jackson
is more important, Aaron carried on looking away. Paddy endearingly tried to
get in Aaron’s eyeline but Aaron was having none of it. In the end Paddy gave
up & walked away telling Aaron that he didn’t understand him sometimes, but
he would give him a ring if there was any change.
Aaron watched him go with his best inscrutable, I’m hard as nails & don’t
care look. Oh yeah, well we know different.

Later in The
Woolie, Edna Alan & Betty were all waiting for Pearl. When she turned up late, she told them
that it was because she had been running the vets surgery single-handed, I love
the way she can think of Rhona as a total non-person ! Betty asked how Jackson was doing,
because apparently she had always liked him ! Pearl had to tell them that he was not doing too
well & Edna offered to pray for him. My, my the church is moving with the
times !
There then follows one of the best comedy exchanges in the story yet:

Alan – "At least when he comes around he will have Aaron to give him

Betty – "Give him what ?"
Alan – "Well care & support."
Betty – "Ooh, lucky old him !"

Naughty script writers !


Meanwhile back in
the hospital, with Hazel threatening to shave Jackson’s beard off (don’t you dare), Paddy
turned up without Aaron. Hazel asked why he wasn’t coming & Jerry [boo
hiss] admitted that he had told Aaron to stay away, saying again that it was
Aaron’s fault that Jackson
was in a coma.
Jerry [boo hiss] claimed that he had the right to ban Aaron because he was Jackson’ dad, but Hazel, quite rightly pointed out that he
hadn’t been Jackson’s
dad for years. When Paddy chimed in that Aaron had a right to be there, Jerry [boo his] said that if Aaron did come, he’d put him in the next bed. I’d like to
see him try !
Paddy said, quite masterfully that it wasn’t Aaron’s fault & Jerry [boo
hiss] said that Aaron had as good as admitted that he caused the accident. Hazel, through gritted teeth, said that she didn’t care, because Jackson loves him & he’d want him to be there. She also said that he’d understand that if he’d made any effort with him at all. She then told him that she was not going to put up with him tearing their family apart anymore. She then launched into a bit of a rant:

"He’s gay Jerry. That’s who he is. His friends, boyfriends, lovers, whatever you want to call them. They can come & sit with him whenever they like & if you can’t accept that then GET OUT !"

You go girl, you give the slime bag what for !

Photos by kind permission of Dangling Hearts.


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