Last night in Emmerdale Paddy & Hazel were having breakfast in the cafe, where Terry, Brenda’s husband, was serving behind the counter when Aaron walked in. Hazel asked Paddy to try to persuade Aaron to come back to the hospital, but when he asked Aaron if he was going Aaron used the old excuse of work. Hazel tried to make him realise that Jerry [boo hiss] was to be ignored & that she would be really greatful if Aaron did come in today. He reluctantly agree to do it. Yeah ! Paddy offered to drive him there, but Aaron didn’t look too excited.

Later at the hospital Jackson was stil in his coma, with his mum by his side when Paddy brought Aaron in. He looked horrified. Paddy offered to take Hazel to the canteen so that Aaron could chat to Jackson, Aaron looked even more horrified. Hazel said that, if he wanted, she could stay & do Jackson’s voice for him. Aaron asked her how she could joke about it, she said how could she not, she was all for anything that makes it better & she had hoped that Aaron would be too. He said yes, but continued to look horrified. Paddy & Hazel went to the cafe.

Aaron sat down by the bed & asked Jackson how he was doing, then chided himself for asking such a stupid question.
He started to talk about their recent holiday to Lanzarote & how good it was. The pair of them on the beach & some waitor who, apparently, thought he was god’s gift ! Is it bad of me that I wanted to hear more about that ? He said that it felt like years ago & it was weird that he was doing all the talking while Jackson listened.
He told Jackson that just because he doesn’t say stuff it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care. Like not saying that dreaded ‘L word’ perchance ? Choking back the tears, he apologised adding that it might sound like rubbish, but he really meant it.
Paddy & Hazel came back, but didn’t come in, they just watched the two boys throught the window, it was so sweet. Aaron told Jackson that he couldn’t lie there all day, it was time to wake up.

Paddy had gone to see a man about a dog, literally, then Bob turned up at the hospital & spoke to Hazel about when his daughter Dawn, was in a coma, if it was meant to cheer her up, it didn’t, especially as he his story ended with his daughter dying ! Hazel finally cracked & had a little cry when she started to talk about Jackson’s childhood.

She & Bob went back into Jackson’s room & she asked Aaron if he was glad that he came. Aaron said that he was & he looked a lot happier that when he first arrived. A sweet & rare moment of Aaron looking happy, which was brought to an abrupt end when Jackson’s beeping machine went ballistic, all whistles & bells.
Aaron jumped up shouting for a nurse & the troups arrived with their incompehensible medico-babble about out-put & numbers over other numbers. Aaron & Hazel’s deperate requests for information were, as always, ignored. As more troops arrived Aaron, Hazel & Bob were told to wait in the family room leaving Jackson to be revived, hopefully, by the doctors & nurses.
They have got to stop doing this to me.

In the second half of Emmerdale last night Jerry [boo hiss] turned up as the medicos were trying to get Jackson back. Aaron, Hazel & Bob were still in the family room when Jerry [boo hiss] walked in. Him & Aaron exchanged evil looks. Hazel told him not to start.
Eventually a doctor came in to tell him that Jackson had been stablised & they could go in & see him. Hazel asked him what had happened & the doc told her, in simple terms that Jackson had had a little heart attack. Aaron asked if it coulds happen again & the doc said that it was unlikely, but they were doing tests. He did mention that they didn’t know how starved of oxygen his brain had been &
Jerry [boo hiss] jumped in to ask if that meant that Jackson would be brain damaged. The doc told them that it was still too early to say & escorted them back to the room.

Outside Jackson’s room Aaron asked what the bad news was & Jerry [boo hiss] said "Still here." in a very sarcastic way. Araron asked him if he really wanted to do this after what had just happened, Bob tried to intercede between them & Jerry [boo hiss] asked who he was. He jumped to the conclusion that he was ‘with’ Aaron, but Hazel told him that Bob was her friend. Jerry [boo hiss] went in to see Jackson & Hazel asked Bob if he could give her & Aaron a minute alone. He went to get a cup of tea.

When he’d gone Hazel apologised to Aaron & told him that Jerry [boo hiss] wasn’t a bad bloke really, just ignorant. She told him that Jerry [boo hiss] couldn’t deal with Jackson being gay, that when he first found out he couldn’t take it & although he’d always been a strict dad, he’d never hit his son before. Aaron said "But then he did." Hazel just nodded.
A little light bulb appeared above Aaron’s head. He said "See it makes a whole lot of sense now." Hazel asked him about what & he said "Jackson & the way he is."

As Jerry [boo hiss] sat beside Jackson’s bed Aaron walked in. Jerry [boo hiss] said that he thought Aaron would have left, but Aaron told him that he would find it a bit harder to get rid of him than that.
Aaron asked
Jerry [boo hiss] if the real reason he didn’t like Aaron was because he was gay. Jerry [boo hiss] said "No, it’s your aftershave. What do you think ?" Aaron replied that he just wanted to make sure. Jerry [boo hiss] told him that now he was sure, he could get on his way.
Aaron didn’t move. He asked
Jerry [boo hiss] "So when Jackson told ya that he was gay, let me guess you were thinking, he caught it off someone, or was it this would never have happened if he hadn’t gone into that gay bar."
Jerry [boo hiss] replied "What I thought or said is none of your damned business.
I’m his dad."
Aaron continued "That’s what’s really bothering ya though, isn’t it ?"
"Meanin’ what ?"
Jerry [boo hiss] asked.
"Meanin’" Aaron carried on, slowly & confidently "As soon as he told you who he was, you couldn’t bring yourself to be his dad anymore.
So ya smacked him a few times & left him to himself. Oh yea, I know.
Ya see it makes a whole load of sense now.
Jackson can’t stand any of that stuff.
In fact he goes out of his way to avoid it all. I mean it’s hardly surprisin’ when his dad does that to him.
The bloke who is supposed to take him to the football, fishin’ or whatever.
Turns on him & clouts him when he tells him who he is."

"Shut it !" was all Jerry [boo hiss] could manage to spit out, but Aaron didn’t shut it.
"Now you can’t stand that he’s lying there.
And one of the last things that you probably did, was call him a poof, after you chined him. Am I right ?
Well ?"
Jerry [boo hiss] stood up & turned to Aaron like he was going to hit him.
"Ya really don’t want to do this do ya ?" Aaron snarled
Not here.
Not with me.
And I’m guessin’.
Not anymore."
Jerry [boo hiss] walked out, shame-faced & Aaron let out a sigh of relief.
Go fucking Aaron
! I have never felt prouder, our boy really is becoming a man,

When Jerry [boo hiss] crept back into the room, Aaron was stroking Jackson’s hand. He looked up at Jerry [boo hiss] , but he didn’t let go of the hand ! Jerry [boo hiss] said that he didn’t expect Aaron to understand why he is like he is & that he only ever wanted his son to have a normal life, wife & kids sort of thing, but now he’d make do with him just having a life.
Aaron surprised
Jerry [boo hiss] by explaining that he had spent a long time lashing out at people who cared the most about, pretending to be some that he wasn’t & that it wasn’t any good, because in the end it’s the pretending that does your head in. When Jerry [boo hiss] asked him what he did, Aaron told him that, mainly thanks to Jackson, he stopped pretending.
When did Aaron become so smart ?

Later Hazel came back & Jerry [boo hiss] had an almost civilised conversation with her about his wife & 18 month old son, Josh. He told her that when this was all over he wanted Jackson to meet them & for them all to be a proper family. Hazel said that Jackson would like that. Jerry [boo hiss] told Jackson that it was time to wake up now, for once I agree with him.
Okay so Jerry [boo hiss] is possibly not the devil incarnate, but I still don’t like him & I’m unbelievably proud of Aaron for everything he said in this episode.
Oh dear I have a little something in my eye.        

Pictures not uploading, they may be  added at a later date.


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