Last night in Emmerdale Paddy met Zach & Lisa in the village, they asked how Aaron was. Paddy told them that he was having nightmares, but wouldn’t talk to him about it. Lisa told him that the lad would talk when he was ready. That’ll be about the time hell freezes over then !
Later Paddy brought Aaron to the hospital again, where they found Hazel asleep in a chair having spent most of the night reading to Jackson from a Mr Tickle book. Apparently it was his favourite when he was little, because he liked being tickled. Aaaah !
Paddy offered to take Hazel for a bite to eat so that Aaron & Jackson could have some ‘private time’. Aaron pulled a faced & told him that it would be weird with Jackson unconscious. Which got Paddy into his tongue-tied stammering embarrassed mode. Making sex jokes to Paddy, it’s almost like Aaron has turned into an adult !

Hazel gave him the book & said he could read to Jackson. Aaron declined, but took out his ipod, plugged it into a ‘thing’ ( I hope I’m not being too technical for you) & told them that he knew Jackson loved this. He turned it on & it started to blast out Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal (yes I did have to look that up – bite me) Paddy told him that it was too loud & it would wake him up, Aaron pointed out that that was the idea.
Just then 
Jerry [boo hiss] came in & asked him if he had no respect. Jackson’s not dead, you dick. Paddy automatically apologised, Aaron told him not to & stopped him from turning it off . Jerry [boo hiss] asked if they thought this was helping & Hazel said that it was worth a try. Jerry [boo hiss] told him to at least turn it down a bit, which Aaron, grudgingly, did.                         

Aaron had to go back to work & Paddy offered to drive him. Paddy tried again to talk to him about his nightmares, but Aaron laughed it off. He was saved by a phone calll from Hazel, telling him that Jackson was awake. They both rushed back to his room.

In the family room Aaron, Hazel, Paddy & Jerry [boo hiss] were waiting while Jackson had test done on him. Eventually a consultant came int to speak to them. She told them that he was awake, stable, but groggy & disorientated. Jerry [boo hiss] wanted to know if he was ‘all there’, she wasn’t very helpful. there was a hint that he might have brain damage, but she said that there had to be yet more tests. Hazel asked to see Jackson, the consultant said that they could see him for a few minutes, but not to expect to much.
Hazel &
Jerry [boo hiss] went in while Paddy & Aaron waited in the family room. Aaron looked horrified again.

Hazel asked Jackson if she could get him something like a drink of water, he murmered one word, Aaron.
Oh dear, I’m filling up ! Hazel told Jackson that he was outside & he’d been here all the time, then she sent
Jerry [boo hiss] to get him. Jerry [boo hiss] didn’t like that, but he did it anyway. She told Jackson that they weren’t really friends, but for him, they could stand being in the same room.
When Aaron came in Hazel said to
Jerry [boo hiss] that they should leave them alone, Jerry [boo hiss] said that they were his parent, but Hazel just flicked her head towards the door & they both left.

Aaron sat down by the bed & started talking to his boyfriend. He asked Jackson if he wanted him to go & Jackson said no. Jackson started to ask how long he ad been in the coma, but Aaron interupted him & told him not to try talking. Aaron told him that it hasd been just over a week, & that he’d been going off his head with worry. He also said that Jackson had taken his time & teased him about lying there dreaming about Dermot O’Leary, again. I really want more details about that !
Aaron asked Jackson if he could hear what was being said to him while he was in the coma, when Jackson said no, Aaron looked a little bit relieved. He asked Jackson if he wanted to know what had been going on while he lay there sleeping it off. He thanked Jackson for his dad & Jackson laughed.                  

Later Aaron Hazel & Jerry [boo hiss] were all in the family room when Paddy came in with the burger & shake Aaron had asked him for. Aaron went to take it to Jackson saying that he was going to love it. Paddy was amazed at how thoughtful, if a little stupid, Aaron can be.
Before he had a chance to go, the consultant came back. I dn’t know why, because she really didn’t have anything to tell them. They had to weedle out of her the little information which she did have.
Eventually she admitted that the scan had shown that Jackson had broken two bones in his neck, but they couldn’t assess the damage until he woke up. She went on to say that her preliminary tests showed that he has no control over his arms & legs, but she hoped that he might improve. Aaron was shocked into silence.
When Hazel asked what would happen if things didn’t improve, the consultant told them that there was a chance that Jackson might not walk again. They were all shocked into silence.                                                    

Pictures used by kind permission of Dangling Hearts.


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