Last night on Emmerdale Hazel was putting up Jackson’s get well cards from his weird, Sylvester Stallone obsessed relatives. Aaron got a bit more insight into how much weirder than his, admittedly quite weird, family, Jackson’s family was. Including his cousin Rocky, no honestly, Jackson has a cousin called Rocky !

Adam turned up with Holly, having just taken her to collect her Methadone ‘script, because her drug adiction storyline has come on by leaps & bounds since she last crossed paths with Aaron’s storyline. Jackson was pleased to see them, well Adam anyway, Aaron was not so pleased. Possibly having his ex-girlfriend in the same room as his boyfriend made him feel a little uncomfortable !
Holly looked like death warmed over & had to sit down because she felt so hot. When Adam asked if it was okay for Holly to be there, Aaron told him that the nurses were a bit iffy about how many visitors Jackson had at one time, but Hazel said that what they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. She left to phone Jerry [boo hiss] & Jackson told her to tell hm that his son was going to star in the next tour of Riverdance !


Adam asked what was going to happen next & Jackson, quite wearily said that there would probably be more tests, to see whether it was his brain or his spine that they needed to worry about. Adam asked how come they didn’t already know & Jackson pointed out that they didn’t know half as much as they made out. He added that everytime he asked questions all he got was a pep-talk about having the right attitude & he was sick of it. He looked sick of it too.
Adam asked if there were any fit nurses, Aaron gave him his best ‘what-the-fuck-are-you-on’ looks & said just the one. Jackson said Grahame ! Somehow I think that they were talking at cross purposes !

Holly asked were the toilets were & Adam asked her if she couldn’t hang on for a bit, then scolded her for not even asking how Jackson was. When she said that she thought she had, he scolded her for always thinking of herself. She looked a little hurt & a little ashamed, then said that she was trying to give them a bit of space. She apologised to Jackson & got up to leave, saying that she really had to go. Adam went with her, saying that he had to go too, but everyone knew that he just didn’t trust Holly out of his sight.

Aaron found Adam waiting for Holly outside the ladies loos & told him that he was as subtle as a brick. Adam feigned ignorance, but Aaron demanded to know why he had dragged ‘her’ along. Adam repeated the excuse that he had brought her along after picking up her ‘script. Aaron told him that this wasn’t a public gallery, where you could come along to pity the invalid. Adam protested that that was not what he was doing, but again Aaron was having none of it. He said that Adam had brought Holly to gawp at Jackson, to show her how good she has got it. Very astute grasshopper.
Adam denied it at first, then said that maybe he  had been trying to her to shock her out of herself. Aaron told Adam that he couldn’t use what had happened to Jackson as a reason to get his junkie sister off smack. He added that Jackson wasn’t lying in there just to make other people feel better about themselves.
It’s sweet that Aaron feels so protective about his boyfriend.
Holly came out of tha loos & told them that she didn’t need two body guards. Aaron gave her a look of total disgust & went off to get a coffee. Holly asked Adam if they could just go, because being in the hospital was making her feel queasy. Adam asked her if she was sure it wasn’t the Methadone. She snapped that he should lay off her, but he sarcastically asked her if he was interupting her trip, called her a waste of space & dragged her back to Jackson’s room.

Adam apologised to Jackson for droppng by unannounced with Holly, but Jackson said he didn’t mind. Adam offered to bring something in for Jackson, but Aaron told him that Hazel & him had it covered.
Hazel came back in saying that every time she speaks to Jerry [boo hiss], she gets a splitting headache & started looking for her painkillers. When she couldn’t find them, both Aaron & Adam immediately looked at Holly.
Adam pulled
Holly outside to interogate her as to the whereabouts of Hazel’s
painkillers. Much to Aaron’s amusement, Jackson told him that Hazel was suffering from the early
onset of dementia, saying that, once, she took the remote out with her, thinking
it was her phone & it has ended up in the freezer before now.
Well, who hasn’t, occasionally, put the remote in the freezer, or is it just me again ?

Outside Adam demanded that Holly hand over the painkillers, but Holly acted like she didn’t know what he meant. She said that she couldn’t have taken them, because she had been in there with him. Adam just called her a snidey little cow.She repeated that she hadn’t taken them, but Adam started to search her anyway.
Just then they heard Hazel say that she had found them. Adam asked Holly what he was supposed to think & she told him that she was really trying, to which he replied "We all are Holly, we have been for ages. Hard isn’t it." He walked away leaving Holly looking disgruntled.                                         

Picures used by kind permission of Dangling Hearts.

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