BEDBATHS ! – 22/10/10.


Last night in Emmerdale Aaron was speculating, again, about how it actually feels to be completely paralysed & have no sensation at all. He told Paddy to go to the party & cheer himself up. Another step in the direction of Aaron becoming a grown-up. Things are going so well that I’m beginning to worry that an almighty, Soapland style catastrophy is coming his way. Well that is to say, another big Soapland style catastrophy.

In the cafe Viv returns from holiday & asks where Hazel is. It turns out that nobody bothered to tell her what happened. She is not pleased because she has come to see Hazel as a good friend & would have liked to be there for her.
What the hell has happened to Viv ?


Later in the hospital Aaron is helping the nurse give Jackson a drink. The nurse is blethering on about some doctor she fancies & when Jackson informs her that he knows the man is gay because he asked him, the look on Aaron’s face is mixture of confusion & curiosity. As if to say:
 "Why would MY boyfriend be asking another man if he’s gay ?", I don’t think he has any grounds for jealousy though, it’s not as if Jackson could get up to much !

The nurse carried on twittering about her obsessive imaginary love affair, then she asked Jackson if he’d like more of his care to be taken over by his family. Jackson pointed out that it depended on who was going to be doing what. When the nurse mentioned bedbaths Aaron looked decidedly embarrassed & there was a prolonged, deafening silence from both of them !
Mmm bedbaths. . . . . .

Pictures used by kind permission of Dangling Hearts.

I’m on a frigging roll today, lets see if I can get ALL my drafts posted, eh !


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