In Emmerdale last night, continuing from the night before, everyone was still in shock after the news that Jackson was in all likelihood going to be paralysed. The consultant was no help at all & they were starting to bicker amongst themselves. Jerry [boo hiss] was very mean to Hazel.
Back at the Woolpack Pearl came blustering in with the good news that Paddy had just told her over the phone that Jackson was out of his coma. Bob, Lisa & Zach were all relieved. Rhona came in looking for Paddy. On hearing Jackson’s good news & that Paddy was at the hospital, when Bob said that he was going there to see Hazel, Rhona asked if she could come with him. Zach told her that she probably wouldn’t be allowed in to see Jackson, but she said that she just wanted to see Paddy.
I have a feeling that something is stirring in her heart for that man. When she first arrived I thought that there was a spark between those two, looks like I was right, again. What will poor Marlon make of that I wonder ?
At the hospital
Paddy was surprised, but pleased to see Rhona. When it came out that
Paddy had told Pearl about Jackson waking up, 
Jerry [boo hiss] told him that he should keep it shut, they would decide who to tell & what to tell them. Confused, Bob asked why they didn’t think that this was good news. Hazel began to tell Bob what else had happened, but Jerry [boo hiss]
stopped her saying that it wasn’t definite yet. She ignored him &
told Rhona & Bob anyway that there was a chance, a very slim chance,
that Jackson could be paralysed.
Jerry [boo hiss] told her that she had done it now, that she had jinxed him. What a wanker !
Aaron told him to shut up & that Jackson was going to be alright,
then he walked out, with Paddy following him.

In Jackson’s room the consultant was carrying out tests on his ability to move or feel. He told his mum that he couldn’t feel anything, but she told him not to talk & that maybe it was the painkillers. He asked when he could go home, but no-one answered. The consultant, I don’t remember her ever telling anyone her name, asked what he remembered about the accident, he just said "Train.". She was pleased that he remembered that, but he said that Aaron had mentioned it yesterday. She asked him what the last thing he remembered was & he said standing at the bar in the club with Aaron & Paddy. Hazel said that that was a good sign, but the really rubbish consultant just said that she was nearly finished.
Back in the family room every one was eager to hear the news, the consultant told them that they needed to wait for the swelling in his brain to go down, but so far the tests have shown not movement or sensation in any of his limbs. Aaron asked her if that meant that he might not walk again. She just told them that there were no guarantees, but it was possibly that he could lose all movement & sensation, from the neck down. They were all shocked & disappointed. Aaron asked if she had told him, when she answered no
Jerry [boo hiss]
told her not to. Both Hazel & Aaron pointed out that he did need to know
, that if Jerry [boo hiss]
knew Jackson at all then he would know that he is big on honesty.
Jerry [boo hiss]
just kept insisting that Jackson didn’t need to know
, but Hazel said that the truth was Jerry [boo hiss]
was the one who couldn’t face it, not Jackson.
She added that Aaron was right & Jackson had to be told.

While he was sleeping Jerry [boo hiss] crept in to Jackson’s room, seeing him lying there almost made him cry, but instead he walked out & went back to the family room.
He told Hazel & Aaron that he had to leave, Hazel couldn’t believe that he was going & said that he had to be there when they told Jackson.
Jerry [boo hiss]
said that he thought they had decided to wait & Hazel told him that he wasn’t listening, Aaron, who was sprawled out on the sofa, siad that
Jerry [boo hiss]
may as well do one as Jackson wasn’t going to miss him.

Jerry [boo hiss]
asked if he was the only one who hated the idea of Jackson being in a wheel chair & Hazel replied that he had hated the idea of his son being gay, but that did stop him. She told him that burying his head in the sand wouldn’t help (sounds like a good idea to me, especially if it’s quicksand !) & pleaded with him to stay, but he just said "He doesn’t need me.", Aaron, rather amusingly, murmered "Ya got that right." & Jerry [boo hiss]
Snivelling coward. I’m sure that I
‘ve mentioned how much I do not like that sorry excuse for a man.
Back in the pub, Rhona brought the bad news about Jackson being paralysed to Lisa, Zach, Pearl & Diane. They all felt really sorry for Jackson, his mum & Aaron.

Back at the hospital, Hazel & Aaron were in Jackson’s room with the crappy consultant, she began to speak, but Jackson interupted her to ask, in a really plaintive voice, if he was going to die. Poor Hazel, tears streaming down her face couldn’t speak, so Aaron stepped forward to say that he wasn’t going to die.
Aaron urged the crappy consultant to tell him the truth. Jackson asked her why he couldn’t move & she finally told him about the damage to his spinal cord due to his broken neck. He began to cry & just kept say "No" repeatedly.

Aaron reached
down to reassuringly touch Jackson’s arm. Jackson looked down at Aaron’s
hand on his arm, then he looked back up at Aaron & said "I can’t
feel ya."
Grasping at staws, Hazel tried to get the consultant with the worst
bedside manner I have ever seen, to say that the paralysis might not be
permanent, but she wasn’t very helpful.

The poor lad just wanted some crumb of comfort, but he may as well have been talking to the wall. Hazel Aaron & Jackson were left in floods of tears & to be honest so was I.                          

Photos used by kind premission of Dangling Hearts.


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